5 Feb 2020

Resources For Learning More About SEO

2020-02-15T15:20:02+11:002020 February 5|Digital Marketing News, SEO|

If there's anything we've learned from talking to various small business owners in Australia, it's that they all know they need this mythical thing called SEO... but don't know exactly what it is, how to go about it, or even why exactly it's so important. Our team at Rock Solid Marketing is of the opinion that

28 Oct 2019

Google BERT Update: What You Need To Know

2019-12-29T22:55:37+11:002019 October 28|Digital Marketing News, SEO|

Last week, Google announced its biggest algorithm update in 5 years. The BERT update is said to impact 10% of search queries - namely, longer keyword phrases that rely on context for meaning. As with any update to Google's search algorithm, this one aims to understand the user's intent behind the query and serve them

3 Oct 2019

YouTube + SEO: How To Optimise Your Videos For Google

2019-12-30T22:04:42+11:002019 October 3|SEO|

You might think of YouTube as a limitless video library, but did you ever think about how it's also a search engine for videos? That's right! YouTube is a search engine, just like Google, but only for videos hosted on its platform. That means that you should spend time optimising your videos so that they show

13 Sep 2019

What The Changes To No-Follow Links Really Mean

2020-01-20T06:19:03+11:002019 September 13|SEO|

This week, Google announced that two new link attributes have been added alongside the long-standing "no-follow" to help them better understand how to analyse links. Now, this is a prettttttty big deal, seeing as there's not been any changes made since no-follow was originally introduced 15 years ago. Let's talk about what's changed, and what

22 Aug 2019

How To Increase Your Click-Through Rate

2020-01-12T20:15:51+11:002019 August 22|Digital Marketing News, SEO|

We recently wrote all about how to lower your bounce rate (*hint hint*, you should definitely go back and read that post if you haven't yet!). This week, we're spilling the beans on how to increase your click-through rate, which is arguably even more important than your bounce rate. Read on for the what, why,

19 Jan 2019

Organic vs Paid Search: What’s The Difference?

2020-02-15T15:24:46+11:002019 January 19|Digital Marketing News, PPC, SEO|

Pardon us for asking such an obvious question, but: what's the difference between paid search and organic search when it comes to Google? Of course one you pay for and the other you don't - that's in the names. But beyond that, how else are they different? How do they work, and most importantly: which

14 Dec 2018

SEO Success Story: Hydro Innovations’ Google Featured Snippet

2019-12-30T21:58:17+11:002018 December 14|SEO, Success Story, Web Design|

We've already shared the great success our client Hydro Innovations has enjoyed since engaging us for our SEO services. Their business is based in Sydney but provides sewage pumps Australia-wide, and their goal has been to rank for a variety of pump-related keywords in Australian Google searches. As a result of our SEO services, their

13 Oct 2018

SEO Success Story: Hydro Innovations

2019-12-30T21:22:22+11:002018 October 13|SEO, Success Story|

We've been providing our Melbourne SEO services to Hydro Innovations for nearly a year now, and it's about time we share the massive success they've seen thusfar in their SEO journey. Hydro are actually based in Sydney, but sell their wastewater pumps Australia-wide. This presented two particular keyword challenges: It's generally easier to rank for