Google Has De-Indexed 1.8 Billion Websites

Ever wondered what happens when someone is caught copying content from another website?

Well, wonder no longer: Google de-indexes 98% of websites submitted for a copyright takedown. That’s a huge deal because it means the website in question literally drops off of Google for every keyword search if found guilty. Not showing up on Google all but renders any SEO services purchased useless.

You can view all the URLs that have been taken down due to copyright infringement using this tool.

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If you suspect someone has stolen or copied any original content from your website and posted it on their own website, you can send a takedown request for “allegedly infringing material”. Google doesn’t automatically de-index all accused sites, though – they actually review every request and take action as long as there are no issues with it. To date, Google has approved 1.83 billion and rejected 40 million takedown requests.

After the takedown, Google notifies the guilty party of the de-indexed content. The offender can then file a counter-notification either to argue against the claim, or to confirm that they have removed the stolen content. Google will then review and decide whether to re-index the taken-down website. Once it’s re-indexed, it will resume showing up on Google searches.

What Does This Mean For You?

Well, not much if you’re not a website owner yourself.

But if you do have a website, be very careful never to take content from another site without giving them credit. Best practice is to include a link back to where you sourced the content from. Also, be aware that you should probably ask permission before using someone else’s images, videos, or copy on your own site.

If you’re in need of some photography for your site, you have a few options that won’t get you accused of copyright infringement:

  • For corporate photography in Melbourne, our team at Rock Solid Marketing offers headshots, team photos, event photography, and office photos for use on your website.
  • Search Flickr Creative Commons for photos you can legally use on your website without permission.
  • Subscribe to a stock photography site and purchase image downloads that you can use on your website without asking permission or giving credit.

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