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If there’s anything we’ve learned from talking to various small business owners in Australia, it’s that they all know they need this mythical thing called SEO… but don’t know exactly what it is, how to go about it, or even why exactly it’s so important.

Our team at Rock Solid Marketing is of the opinion that business owners should have a working knowledge of SEO basics, even if they plan to outsource and hire a Melbourne SEO agency to take care of optimising their website. Why? Well, it’s helpful to know about SEO so that when you have conversations and meetings with your SEO consultants, you can understand what they’re talking about and even work with them on your SEO strategy. Not to mention, a sound knowledge of SEO will help you determine whether the SEO agency you’ve hired is doing a good job or not.

We’re here to empower you with all things digital marketing, so with that said: here are some of our tried-and-true resources for learning about the world of Search Engine Optimisation.

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We’re gonna go out on a limb and assume you’ve heard of Moz. But in case you’re not familiar, this is the company that pioneered SEO. They started out as SEO consultants, and now they’re a multi-million dollar company offering an array of SEO tools and resources for people like you and us.

Moz has heaps of resources for those interested in learning SEO. If you’re brand new to the topic, you’ll definitely want to read The Beginners Guide to SEO.

For those wanting to work on SEO, Moz offers some useful free tools:

  • Keyword Explorer is great for figuring out the best keywords to target for your website
  • Open Site Explorer is helpful for discovering your domain authority and backlinks

Their All-In-One-SEO toolset is a one-stop shop for those wanting to handle their site optimisation themselves, though note that this is a paid subscription-based product that you may not need if you’ve hired a Melbourne SEO agency to take care of SEO for you.

Udemy Courses

Have you heard of Udemy? They offer affordable online courses on a seemingly infinite number of topics. A quick search for SEO will turn up hundreds of SEO-related online courses. We recommend looking at the courses with the most reviews and the highest ratings, at least to start with, as that’s usually a solid indicator of it being a high quality course that’s worth your time and money.

Once you sign up for a course, you can access it at any time through your Udemy account and can take the course according to your own pace and schedule. Class format can be in the form of text and/or video, and some may include hands-on activities for you to practise what you’ve learned in the course.

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Search Engine Journal

If you’re looking for some SEO-specific reading material, consider subscribing to Search Engine Journal‘s newsletter. Their highly informative weekly emails highlight industry news and recap recent articles posted to the SEJ blog. As a bonus, when you sign up you’ll gain access to some free online marketing-related e-books by them.

They also have some SEO guides and analytics tools on their website.

Our Blog Archives

Hey! Did you know that we’ve been blogging about all manner of SEO topics over the past 16 months? Be sure to browse through the Rock Solid Marketing SEO blog archives for loads of free and helpful information on how to optimise your site, determine relevant keywords, conduct a competitor analysis, set up your Google Local Listing, and show up in the Google search rankings.

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