SEO Success Story: eCreators

SEO Success Story

Joining the ranks of Schoolfurn and Bluebox Solutions, eCreators is our latest SEO services success story.

eCreators provide e-learning solutions for organisations and aids in making memorable, enjoyable and effective learning outcomes. Some of their offerings include learning management system software and hosting services, rapid content development, and off-she-shelf training courses.

They came to us with a brand new website that hadn’t yet been optimised, and we took that blank slate and ran with it. In under 3 months, our Melbourne SEO services enabled them to more than quadruple their keyword visibility. Here’s a look at what we did to improve their SEO.

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Melbourne SEO services for eCreators

Choosing SEO Keywords

When we start working with a new client, one of the first things we do is sit down with them to find out which phrases they ideally want to rank for on Google. While this is extremely useful and provides us with some direction, it’s only the beginning for choosing SEO keywords. For eCreators, they were keen to rank for keywords related to e-learning, learning management systems, Moodle, and rapid content development.

From here, we brainstormed other variations of eCreators’ desired keywords. We quickly extrapolated to come up with an assortment of related keyword phrases. Not only could we use ‘e-learning’, but also ‘elearning’, ‘e learning’, and ‘online learning’, which provided 4x as many e-learning related keyword phrases. Similarly, learning management systems is easily swapped for ‘LMS’ or the singular ‘learning management system’.

We entered many variations of the same keyword phrase into our SEO tracking dashboard and found that some ranked significantly higher than others. So rather than dilute our SEO efforts between all of them, we decided to focus on the keyword variations that ranked the highest when we began our optimisation.

We are still tracking all of the keyword variations we came up with and adding more over time. Our monthly SEO services include monitoring these keywords and making adjustments to the website, which is what we’ve been doing with the eCreators site these past few months. When we’ve seen them make a significant jump in the rankings for a particular keyword, we’ve gone back and re-optimised many pages of the eCreators site to further increase their rankings.

SEO Improvements in Just 3 Months

In 3 months, eCreators has seen massive results in their SEO efforts. They currently have 31 keyword phrases in that show up on Page 1 of Google (the Top 10 sites that rank for a given keyword are the ones that show up on the first page). What’s more, 7 of these keywords appear in the Top 3.

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We began our SEO services for them in mid-February, which is clear by the large jump in visibility in the chart below. Since we optimised most of their pages and blog posts, they have steadily increased in the search rankings and are about to crack 10% visibility for their set of keywords.

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Most exciting of all: eCreators recently overtook their top competitor! As the orange and blue criss-cross indicates, eCreators now appears higher on average in the search rankings for the entire set of keywords we’re tracking, than any of the competitors we’re tracking against.

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