Why Your Website Isn’t Showing Up On Google

Have you worked hard at building your website, only to have it buried beneath hundreds of other sites that show up on Google when your keywords are searched?

Here are a few reasons why your site may not be showing up on Google:

You aren’t publishing relevant content regularly

Google values websites that consistently provide quality content. Sites ranked high on Google are seen as an authority on the keyword topic in part because they keep providing value to their visitors. This is actually a good thing, otherwise you’d see websites that haven’t been updated in years still dominating Google. Thus, Google’s search algorithm allows websites that publish relevant content regularly to rise in the rankings over time.

The best way to be one of them is to set up a blog on your website and challenge yourself to update it often. More is better, especially when you’re just starting out – but quality content is king. Rock Solid Marketing is equipped with experts who can set up a blog within your existing website and craft SEO-friendly blog posts that will help get your site showing up on Google.

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You don’t have enough text on your webpages

Google crawls each and every page on your website when determining keyword rankings. If there isn’t enough text on a page, it’s assumed that the page isn’t providing much valuable content. A good rule of thumb is to aim for at least 500 words per page. More words equals more ranking opportunities!

You haven’t optimized your site for keywords

Once you’ve decided which keywords you’d like to be ranked for on Google, you need to optimize your website content by strategically inserting those keyword phrases throughout the pages of your website. It’s important to do this in a natural way, though: the Google algorithm is smart enough to know when you’re “keyword stuffing” and just throwing in keywords without providing much value to readers. If the algorithm thinks that you are trying to fool it, it will de-index your site (i.e. it won’t show up on Google at all).

At Rock Solid Marketing, we play the SEO game fairly: we don’t do keyword stuffing or prescribe Black Hat SEO tactics to get ahead. Instead, we help our clients integrate their keywords in a thorough and organic way.

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You don’t have enough authoritative websites linking to yours

You can optimize your website til you’re blue in the face, but off-page optimization is just as important in order to get it to show up on Google searches. Part of this means getting other websites to link to your site from theirs, preferably using your chosen keywords as anchor text. If another website of high domain and/or page authority links to your website, it looks more legitimate in the eyes of Google, which again equates to your website getting ranked higher on Google. There are many ways you can spread your link across the web, but the most important thing is providing great content that’s worth linking to in the first place.

You haven’t chosen the right keywords

If you’ve been diligent about optimizing your website for your chosen keyword phrases and your site still isn’t showing up on Google, maybe you haven’t chosen the right keywords. Your keyword phrases shouldn’t be too general (e.g. millions of people are searching for “travel” and “lawyer”), but they shouldn’t be too specific either (e.g. “luxury cashmere jumpsuits” is not likely being Googled by many people). Rock Solid Marketing can help you determine which keywords you should be trying to rank for on Google.

You haven’t allowed enough time to show up on Google

If you’ve worked on your SEO and implemented all of the above tips yet still haven’t seen your website rise in the rankings, hold tight. It can take 3-6 months to see results from your SEO efforts. In the meantime, keep playing the SEO game: publish relevant, keyword-optimized content regularly and soon you’ll see your SEO work pay off.

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