What You Need To Know About The August 2018 Google Algorithm Update

Google algorithm updates are the bane of any SEO specialist’s (or really, any website owner’s) existence. The idea behind them is very valid: updates to the algorithm always aim to improve the quality of Google search results… still, they always send us into a tizzy.

Why? Well, all of the optimisation work we do as a Melbourne SEO agency is based on the current Google algorithm. Although none of us can ever really know the inner workings of Google, we do our best to understand the algorithm and tweak our websites to cater to it.

So when Google goes and changes their algorithm, it means that what worked before may not necessarily work as well when it comes to optimising websites so that they show up higher in Google search rankings. And often, the website you’ve been working on may even drop for some keyword rankings. It’s so frustrating to put so much work into something, only to have to redo it to appease the Google gods. But hey, we have no control over the algorithm, so instead of bemoaning it: let’s adjust accordingly and keep that SEO train going.

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Notice a drop in keyword visibility after the Aug 1 algorithm update.

August 2018 Google Algorithm Update: What It Means

On August 1 of 2018, Google began rolling out a new algorithm update which is said to be more significant than past updates. The update is expected to be completed by the end of this week.

Due to the size of the algorithm update and the fact that it’s still rolling out, you might experience larger fluctuations in your keyword search rankings than usual.

If you notice a drop in your website’s visibility, don’t freak out! This is likely to happen with many websites, not just yours. August is definitely going to be an interesting month for SEO.

What To Do After An Algorithm Update

The best thing to do immediately after an algorithm update is to wait it out for awhile. Making major changes to your SEO strategy before understanding how the algorithm has changed could be detrimental to your search rankings, so it’s best to not make any hasty tweaks.

Once the dust settles, it’s time to plot your next move. Remember that your goal should always be to provide high quality content and a positive experience for your website visitors. Any algorithm updates that Google makes will always aim to reward sites that do this, and “benefit pages that were previously under-rewarded”.

It doesn’t mean you have to ‘fix’ your site. It just means you have to be agile and roll with the new algorithm, adjusting your SEO strategy over time. And above all: just keep publishing good content!

If you are a Rock Solid Marketing client: Don’t fret! Know that we will be working through this algorithm update and making the necessary tweaks to our SEO strategy so that you can continue to enjoy SEO success with your website. Please bear with us as we learn and adjust to this update.

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