Is SEO Dead?


“SEO is dead,” you may have heard some disgruntled tech person or business owner mutter under their breath.

But is SEO dead, really?

The SEO experts at our Mildura digital marketing agency say no way! In fact, the people who claim it is are likely just bitter or frustrated that their SEO efforts have not (yet) paid off.

Here are just a few reasons why we insist that SEO is not dead:

Social Media Has NOT Replaced SEO

In an age where social media appears to be king, it’s easy to think that it’s the only thing that matters. All we seem to hear about these days is influencers, engagement, and how many followers so-and-so has.

The fact is, Instagram and even TikTok have been glamorised in a way blogs and websites never were. Anyone can create a social media account (and for free!), while far fewer venture into website ownership or blog writing. So it makes sense that you’d hear more buzz about social media, simply because everyone uses it.

Sure, SEO may be overshadowed by social media… but it certainly hasn’t been replaced by it! As long as there is a Google, there will be a need for search engine optimisation.

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Social Media Should Be Used In Tandem With SEO

Rather than one replacing the other, social media and SEO should both be used. They each serve different purposes:

  • Social media exposes people to new products, services, locations, etc
  • SEO helps connect people to more detailed information about these things on websites and blogs

Here’s an example: say you own a skincare company.

You post consistently to your Instagram and TikTok accounts, introducing new products and sharing them in different contexts, locations, etc. Your social posts help to bring awareness and exposure to your business and what you offer.

Meanwhile, you have a website where people can purchase your products. Also on the website, you have numerous skincare-related articles posted that provide people with more details on skincare and your products. These articles are optimised so that people find them when Googling what products they should be using for their evening skincare routine, what retinol is used for, and how to prevent aging.

You should have both a social media and an SEO strategy for your business, not just one or the other! And if you don’t, you can get in touch with the Mildura marketing experts at Rock Solid Marketing to make that happen.

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SEO Is Still The Best Way To Find Information

Remember: social media may get all the glory, but SEO is how people gain the information they need before taking action (aka buying).

For example, Instagram influencers showcase a beautiful location in photos and videos, while travel bloggers provide detailed information for those getting serious about booking a trip there.

Both have their place in the digital ecosystem, and SEO is still needed to ensure that relevant articles and blog posts show up on Google when people search for keywords. Without SEO, highly useful and detailed information can easily get lost on the web amongst thousands (or millions) of similar articles.

Rock Solid Marketing are experts in digital marketing in Mildura, offering SEO and web design services. Contact us to learn more about how to work with our Mildura web design experts to set your website up for success!

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