How To Not Lose SEO When Moving Your Site To A New Domain


So let’s say you’re rebranding and need to move your website over to a new domain. It’s scary enough making the switch and hoping that you don’t break your site… but what about everything that comes after your site has successfully been moved over to a new web address?

I’m talking about the SEO implications of moving your site. You obviously don’t want to lose the SEO juice you accumulated with the old domain, and thankfully you won’t if you make sure to follow the oh-so-crucial steps we’ve outlined below:

Redirect Your Site

Set up a 301 Redirect

Whatever you do, make SURE you configure a 301 redirect from your old domain to your new domain. Doing so will make it so that anyone who visits the old site will automatically get redirected to the new one.

Not only that, but this will pass on the traffic and SEO juice from the old domain to the new one, ensuring that none of it gets lost in the changeover.

If you’re not sure how to set up a 301 redirect or are a little wary of doing it yourself, consider enlisting the help of a digital marketing agency in Melbourne (or wherever you’re located).

Google Analytics

Edit Property Settings On Your Existing GA Account

Once you switch domains, you’ll want to make sure that Google Analytics continues to track traffic data for your site. The easiest way to do this is to edit your GA settings and simply modify the Default URL under Property Settings so that the new domain is there.

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… Or, Create New GA Account

Some people find it easier to just start fresh by creating a brand new Google Analytics account (or property) for the new domain, even if it’s technically the same website as before – and that’s completely fine.

Essentially you’ll have all your analytics for the old domain saved under the old GA account/property and will be able to go back and reference it as needed, but it will remain separate from the analytics for the new domain which will be saved under the new GA account/property.

Note: If you go this route, be sure to remove the old GA tracking code and insert the new one into your site’s header.

Google Search Console

Verify New Domain

Just as you did for your old domain, you’ll need to add and verify your new domain in Google Search Console.

Submit a Change of Address

Next, you must submit a change of address in Google Search Console so that Google knows you’ve changed domains and can start indexing your site on the new domain.

Make sure you’re looking at the old domain property (and not the new one) in Google Search Console when you do this. Click on the gear in the top right, then click Change of Address and follow the steps outlined below.

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