SEO Success Story: In2 Fire

SEO Success Story

We’ve previously written about the website design and copywriting we’ve done for our client In2 Fire. Back when they were known as KlineFire Services, we created their new website and later bulked up their service page content and incorporated more compelling images across all of the pages. All of this was to improve the user experience and provide more useful content for potential customers.

In conjunction with a new website and new content, we have been working on In2 Fire‘s SEO for the past year and a half. Their main goal at the start was to stand out more from KlineFire, the business from which they had separated in 2014, and show up in Google searches for similar keyword searches alongside (or even above!) them.

To further this goal of standing out as their own entity, in 2017 they completely rebranded from KlineFire Services and became In2 Fire. With that came another new website, branding materials, and some SEO tweaks.

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Not only did In2 Fire rebrand and come out with a brand new website, but they also switched domain names and their site URL. This meant that our Melbourne SEO services were kicked into overdrive with managing that transition and ensuring that any hard-earned SEO juice acquired on their old site would carry over to the new one. No small task, to be sure!

First, we reconfigured their Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts so that traffic from their new URL would be tracked going forward.

Second, we audited the new website for broken links. Any internal links to the old KlineFire Services site were changed to direct to the new In2 Fire site pages. And any backlinks leading to old broken links were redirected to their new URLs to ensure that any traffic coming from other websites wouldn’t be lost. Fixing these broken links helped the old SEO juice flow over to the new URL and improved SEO even further because errors like these tend to negatively impact it.

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Lastly (and neverending-ly!), we continued our usual optimisation practises on the new In2 Fire site. In the 4 months since going live, we’ve managed to up In2Fire’s keyword visibiity from 0 to nearly 11% – which is higher than their old KlineFire Services site ever reached.

We also continue to maintain their blog, publishing 1-2 new blog posts each month, which provides Google with new, relevant content to rank.

We’re excited to see In2 Fire continue their rise in the search rankings for all things fire maintenance!


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