Increase Keyword Rankings, Leads & Sales with Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the difference between your potential customers ranking you as their first choice, or not even knowing you exist.

Think about it in terms of digital real estate, you want your office space or shop front to be in the best location. You want foot traffic, but you want quality traffic – people that engage in your offerings. You also want them to see your brand in a positive light.

That’s exactly what we do at Rock Solid Marketing. We pluck your business out of ‘no-wheres-ville’ and place it in a location where the people who need you can find you at exactly the right time.

With effective SEO, your brand will be visible online as a trustworthy industry leader.

In the marketing world this is called building Brand Authority. The more authority your brand has online, the higher Google will rank your website in the search engine results and the more easily your business will be found!

We work to ensure you have a positive online reputation by strategically securing online placement of authoritative ‘links’ and ‘mentions’ on high quality websites relevant to your industry, honest reviews, and social media mentions. This will not only improve your rankings, but also deliver you more targeted traffic.

SEO is a holistic approach and a long-term game.

Being a full suite marketing agency, we have many talents working together to not only get you in a top spot but more importantly keep you there. SEO is an ongoing investment that delivers long term gains.

Why Use Our SEO Services?

Our SEO generates a Rock Solid sustainable lead-generation engine for your company. We attract relevant, targeted traffic, not hop-on-and-go-again visitors.


Your dashboard will be customised to your business’ needs. You will have full access to it 24/7.

Vital information about how your website is performing against our agreed metrics is shown. Things like: Average page loading times, Pages per session, Bounce rates, Backlinks, (remove paragraph space) Keyword rankings, Organic traffic, Click-through rates (CTR), Leads, and Sales.

We’ll walk you through all the reporting beforehand, using no techy jargon so you can make sense of what you’re looking at when reporting is in full flight.

Educational Support

SEO can sound like rocket science, but we simplify it so anyone can understand it. We can teach you about the activities and techniques will be using to improve your SEO. Your questions and feedback are always welcome.

We love to see you empowered with knowledge.

Ongoing Success

We give you an outline of the necessary steps needed to improve your campaign results.

We want you to succeed and for this to happen your SEO needs to be an ongoing process. This is because Google constantly changes its search algorithms (to keep us all on our toes!) and they don’t disclose the changes. With these changes, we must adapt and continue to optimise on our end. It’s a continual learning process for everyone.


As with every service we offer, when your hire us, we are 100% on your team. Our goal is to get you results and we are not satisfied until that happens – and even then we don’t take our foot off the accelerator…


Our open communication methods give you total transparency over what we are doing for you, for the fee we charge.

Shall we also mention the keyword report from SEMrush that we send monthly?



Let’s start by scheduling a free 30-minute discovery call so we can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit for your digital marketing needs.

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