5 Reasons Why You Need A Blog

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If you want to be seen as an expert in your field and show up higher in Google search rankings, there’s no two ways about it: you need to blog.

Here’s why your website should have a blog incorporated into it:

1. It gives Google more content to index

Google likes websites that regularly publish high quality content and rewards them with higher search rankings. The problem with many companies’ sites is that they’re comprised solely of static web pages that aren’t updated often. Google favors websites that are providing relevant content now, not 5 years ago when they were first created. The easiest way to keep churning out fresh, relevant content is to incorporate a blog into your website. Not only will this give you more opportunities to optimize for your keywords within this additional content, but it also gives Google more content to index and shows that you’re a relevant authority figure on your particular subject.

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2. It reveals a more personal side to your business

Expressing your thoughts and expertise in a blog gives another dimension to your business beyond the flat content housed on your main website. Visitors are more likely to connect with a business that is telling them more than just the services they offer. A blog is a fantastic platform on which to generate conversation, build trust, and reveal more about your brand.

3. It gives people more content to share

How likely do you think people are to share a link to your About page or Services page with their friends, family, and online acquaintances? Contrast that with the likelihood of someone sharing a link to a blog post you wrote about a particular subject of interest.

Blogging about various topics casts a wider net and allows more people to connect with and share your business with their networks.

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4. Blog plugins can strengthen your online presence

If you build your blog using WordPress, there are a myriad of plugins you can install and configure that will strengthen your company’s online presence. Using plugins make it a breeze for visitors to share your website content across social media, SEO plugins help you optimize each page of your website for your chosen keywords, and contact plugins enable users to quickly get in touch.

5. It does wonders for your SEO

Between all the additional content that can be optimized and ranked on Google, the plugins that help you optimize said content and the constant reaffirmation that you are in fact a subject matter expert, posting regularly to a blog will boost your website’s SEO exponentially and result in higher Google search rankings.

Rock Solid Marketing can help you create and integrate a blog into your company’s website. Contact us today to learn more!

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