Marketing Through COVID Pays Off – It’s Time To Convert Into Sales!

With tourism restrictions in Australia finally easing as well as our growing confidence in venturing more than 10km from home, our clients at Out of the Ordinary Outback are relishing in the fruits of their hard-earned labour.

Consistency with SEO and strategic keyword-loaded blog posts over the past 4 months is now paying off in spades for the outback adventure tour group – currently attracting a 700% increase in website visits. Thanks to our SEO services, this client has 7x the organic website traffic in June and July that they did in April and May.

Formed in 2016, the Out of the Ordinary Outback group are now in the final stages of expanding their product offering – with their accommodation arm, the Broken Hill Outback Resort, recently opening additional cabins to cater for the inevitable influx of travellers.

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The dramatic increase in website traffic highlights how important constant and consistent marketing has been to-date. And now, to justify and fully utilise the accommodation expansion, it is imperative that this marketing momentum and high traffic remains.

We’re thrilled that the marketing strategies developed and executed by Rock Solid Marketing over the past year have not only helped our clients through phase 1 of this pandemic, but have them firmly placed in the driver’s seat with restrictions lifting.

Ongoing marketing is always a vital element to the ongoing success of any business, but it’s even more crucial during a time like COVID-19 when many competitors aren’t investing in marketing and some are not strong enough to survive. We are committed to helping our clients navigate this time of uncertainty and continuing to strengthen their marketing efforts so that when people are ready to book and buy again, their business will be top of mind (and top of Google search rankings!). 

We are thankful for the trust that our clients have shown us over this challenging period and relish in watching them reap the rewards.

Rock Solid Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency in Mildura that provides SEO, web design, and many more services. Contact us to learn more about how to make your business thrive during COVID-19.

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