SEO Success Story: Heat Systems’ Google Featured Snippet

SEO Success Story

The Rock Solid Marketing team is thrilled to share that another of our clients has achieved a featured snipped on Google!

Congratulations to Heat Systems for reaching the elusive Position Zero for their keyword term “carbon regeneration kilns”.

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Our SEO specialist has been focusing their optimising efforts on carbon-related keywords for Heat Systems in recent months by doing the following:

  • Publishing and optimising a new blog post focusing on a specific kind of carbon regeneration kiln
  • Creating and optimising a new page on activated carbon
  • Optimising their existing page for carbon regeneration kilns
  • Ensuring all carbon-related pages and posts are easily accessible via the homepage and the navbar
  • Adding internal links to all carbon-related pages and posts
  • Optimising the title tags on all pages and posts to include “carbon regeneration kilns”


As a result of our efforts, Heat Systems now ranks highly for all four of their carbon-related keywords:

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While achieving a featured snippet is mostly a crapshoot, and often times there isn’t one for a given keyword, the best thing you can do to try to make it to Position Zero is provide as much useful information as possible about the topic related to the keyword. More specifically, aim to answer the most frequently asked questions about it.

In this case, we have the question What is a Carbon Regeneration Kiln? in header tags on the page that’s achieved a featured snippet. Below it, there is extensive text that answers the question, which we’ve optimised as well.

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