SEO Services Success Story: Schoolfurn

SEO Success Story

These last couple months at Rock Solid Marketing, we’ve been working on big SEO projects for some of our clients. They’ve ranged from startups with brand new websites and a blank slate for SEO to established companies with an international presence and a website that already ranked for some keywords.

No matter how long your business has been running, or how much effort you’ve put into your website’s SEO, our Melbourne SEO services can help your website climb the Google rankings.

We’re currently working with Schoolfurn, the dedicated education furniture division of the Office Furniture Group. Based outside of Melbourne, they serve schools throughout all of Australia.

Here’s a look at the SEO services we’ve provided for them, and the major improvements they’ve seen in their SEO results in just 6 weeks.

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SEO Services for Schoolfurn

SEO services Melbourne

We’ve seen massive success since we began working on Schoolfurn’s SEO campaign. Now, Schoolfurn has 9 keyword phrases in the Google Top 10 – aka the first page of Google for those keyword searches. We’ve gotten them to rank highly for frequently searched phrases related to school furniture, such as school drawers, school filing cabinet, and school exam tables.

With 14 keyword phrases in the Top 20 and 37 in the Top 100, Schoolfurn is poised for further SEO success. We’ll be monitoring their progress over the coming weeks.

SEO services Melbourne

Part of our SEO services package includes competitor analysis. We help our clients identify who their competitors are, then monitor their visibility against each of their competitor’s visibility within Google’s Top 100 for their chosen keywords.

About a week ago, Schoolfurn made a huge leap in visibility. They’ve now surpassed all of their chosen competitors, clocking in at just over 8% visibility. In other words: they rank higher on Google for more of their designated keywords than any of their competitors currently do, thanks to our SEO services.

SEO services Melbourne

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