Public Relations

The best PR and copywriting services in Mildura

We all like something for free. Through the magic of rock-solid PR, we can help generate free and priceless publicity in the media for your enterprise – whatever it is, large or small.

As expert storytellers and newsmakers, we can turn your story into interesting and captivating news for the media via press releases., copywriting and story pitches. It’s highly credible, editorial publicity that money can’t buy – literally. And once stories run in the media, you can proudly share them via your website, digital platforms and socials, scoring you even more juicy ‘cred’.

Our site of PR services canvasses:

* Press releases

* Monthly newsletters

* Media liaison

* Media monitoring

* Journalist visits/trips for publicity

* Copywriting- we can write anything – for anyone – including websites, advertorials, brochures, award submissions etc

* Proofreading

PR is an affordable, vital spanner in the marketing toolbox, broadly boosting exposure and awareness for your brand across multiple audiences.

We are a Meltwater partner, which means that we can actively look for and track the latest news and trends.

We act as your internal campaign analysis tool, to research the effectiveness of the campaign and prove the ROI. Using a number of metrics, such as reach, AVE, volume, social echo, and many others, we are able to report on campaigns, past and present for your business. Be ahead of your industry!

create value
We partner with you to deliver a solid return on your marketing investment and create more value for your business.
simplify process
We provide clarity and understanding at each phase of the process from research, strategies to executional plans and roadmaps.
measure results
We work with you to define what success looks like, to align and report on these metrics for exponential growth.