What Is Google Discover & Can You Optimise For It?

If you’ve never heard of Google Discover, don’t worry – our digital marketing agency hadn’t either, until recently!

Here’s a quick run-down of what Google Discover is, and whether you can optimise for Google Discover so that your website shows up more frequently on it.

What Is Google Discover?

In short, Google Discover is a personalised feed (much like Instagram Explore) that aims to deliver web pages that users want to see, without them having to search for it. It takes into account your past search and browsing history as well as location when determining what content to serve you, The more data you give them to work with, the more refined your Google Discover will be (in theory, at least).

To utilise Google Discover, you need to download the Google app on your mobile phone. As long as you are logged into your Google account and have data tracking enabled (which is the default setting), your feed should already be populated with relevant articles and websites for your convenient perusal.

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And by the way, yes you can turn off Google Discover so that Google no longer stalks your every virtual move – just follow these handy instructions.

Google are all about making the user experience easier, so this is very on-brand for them. It’s also another medium through which someone can *discover* (heh, aptly named, Google) your business website, so we believe it’s worth paying attention to.

Can You Optimise For Google Discover?

Yes, you can absolutely optimise your content for Google Discover.

Honestly, it’s not much different from optimising for Google or any other search engine: you want to produce quality, relevant content that helps users solve problems. The same best practices apply.

In addition to that, you stand a better chance at showing up on Google Discover if you:

  • Use high quality images and graphics (and ensure they’re at least 1200 pixels wide!), as well as videos
  • Answer specific questions that people are searching for answers to
  • Write about topics that are timely or trendy at the moment
  • Produce fresh content frequently
  • Conform to Google’s publishing policies
  • Ensure your site is mobile friendly

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To see how your website’s performing on Google Discover, all you have to do is log into your Google Search Console account. There is a dedicated tab under Performance for Discover, where you can view how many clicks and impressions your website has gotten, as well as which pages have generated the most traffic on Google Discover, which can give you some insight into what sort of articles perform well on it.

Want to get your website on Google Discover? Contact the Mildura digital marketing experts at Rock Solid Marketing today!

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