3 Mar 2020

How To Find & Install A New WordPress Theme

2020-03-03T15:32:47+11:002020 March 3|Web Design|

We're going to assume you've heeded our advice and decided to build your website using Wordpress. Hooray! One of the great things about using Wordpress is that it's so dang easy to build a website without much knowledge of website coding or web design. These days, it's very much a plug-and-play endeavor. To set yourself

14 Dec 2018

SEO Success Story: Hydro Innovations’ Google Featured Snippet

2019-12-30T21:58:17+11:002018 December 14|SEO, Success Story, Web Design|

We've already shared the great success our client Hydro Innovations has enjoyed since engaging us for our SEO services. Their business is based in Sydney but provides sewage pumps Australia-wide, and their goal has been to rank for a variety of pump-related keywords in Australian Google searches. As a result of our SEO services, their

19 Jun 2018

Web Design Success Story: Nordic Huts

2019-12-30T18:45:01+11:002018 June 19|Success Story, Web Design|

We were so pleased to flex our creative muscles with a website build for this fantastic new Melbourne-based construction business! With a design based on the mushrooming huts you find in Denmark, Nordic Huts are a tiny home / workspace built from sustainably farmed timber and with a host of Australian climate-friendly features as standard.

5 Jun 2018

What To Do About Broken Links (Hint: More Than You Think!)

2020-02-15T15:05:14+11:002018 June 5|SEO, Web Design|

Let's talk about broken links. Obviously this isn't something we want, but it's virtually inevitable given how often websites change over time. Whether a site you linked to has gone down or changed their URL, or you changed your site structure and forgot to fix your nav bar links, it's pretty easy to accumulate broken links

26 Apr 2018

One Easy Trick For Skyrocketing Your Website Traffic

2020-02-15T15:05:53+11:002018 April 26|SEO, Web Design|

For those of us who aren't total Google Analytics nerds, making sense of all the data it holds can be truly overwhelming. Throw Google Search Console into the mix and it's enough to make the average person curl up into the fetal position at the thought of logging into either tool. But what if you knew

20 Mar 2018

Is Content Really King?

2020-02-15T15:06:20+11:002018 March 20|SEO, Web Design|

You may have heard the slightly hackneyed phrase "content is king" before, but do you actually believe it? The Melbourne SEO specialists at Rock Solid Marketing certainly do! We ardently believe that content is the single most important thing to focus on when building out your website. Simply put, Google specifically looks for high quality