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At Rock Solid Marketing, we use WordPress for our website design projects.

WordPress? But isn’t that, like, for blogs?

Fair question. In its early years, WordPress was essentially a blogging platform. But now, it’s become a fully featured content management system that allows you to build fairly complex websites. You don’t even need to have a blog as part of your site!

In short: WordPress is free, easy to use, and allows you to build incredibly functional and user friendly websites. But here’s a little more on why we design websites with WordPress.

Anyone Can Build A Website Using WordPress

In the early days of the Internet, you needed to be fluent in HTML and CSS as a minimum in order to build websites. But now, all you need to do is install WordPress, a wordpress theme that you like and configure your new website using the dashboard settings. You could conceivably build your whole website without so much as glimpsing a smidge of code (though you can do a lot more with it if you know how to edit the stylesheet)

While anyone can learn the basics, the more you know about web design the more you can do when it comes to building a strong website with WordPress. And that’s where we come in! Rock Solid Marketing’s web designers are classically trained: we were building websites from scratch before WordPress was even developed. Let us build you a customized professional website for your business, which you’ll then be able to update and maintain yourself – no coding necessary.

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So many WordPress themes to choose from!

Countless Themes To Make Your Site Look The Way You Want

Every WordPress site must have a theme activated in order for its content to display on the internet. The theme is what dictates what your site will look like: from the font to the colors to the page layout. Hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes are available to download online, ranging in price from $0 to about $60. Free themes tend to be basic and limited in functionality, while paid themes offer several different variations of page layouts as well as dedicated customer support. There are all sorts of themes to fit your business needs, from photography to portfolios to eCommerce themes and more.

Best of all: you can customize your theme to make your site look exactly as you want it. Many themes come with an Options panel integrated into the WordPress dashboard, where you can add a logo, change fonts and colors, and alter the page background. Of course, it helps to know a little about WordPress and web design in order to take full advantage of your theme’s capabilities.

Plugins Add Extra Functionality To Your Website

Similar to themes, there are thousands of free plugins that can make your website do really cool things. If your business needs an online storefront, plugins can add eCommerce functionality like shopping carts and hotel booking systems to your website. If you want to gain followers and subscribers, there are a plethora of social media sharing and newsletter signup plugins out there. There are even plugins that optimize your site so that it runs faster and shows up higher in Google rankings.

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Web design for a Mildura web design client.

WordPress Sites Are SEO Friendly

The code behind WordPress was written with SEO in mind, meaning that any WordPress site has already got a head start against any non-WordPress websites on Google. You can easily improve your site’s SEO even further by making a few tweaks on your dashboard, such as altering the format of your title tags and URL slugs, and beyond that there are several SEO-focused plugins you can install to optimize individual pages and posts on your WordPress site.

Major Brands Use WordPress

Think WordPress is just for people who don’t know much about coding or only need small, simple websites? Not true. Some really big brands use WordPress to power their websites too, such as BBC America, the New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Sony, Samsung, and Mashable. If it’s good enough for these mega companies, it’s certainly good enough for us and for you.

Does your business need a new website? Check out the Mildura web design services we offer at Rock Solid Marketing and contact us today!

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