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The most common reason for websites being hacked and compromised is due to a lack of site maintenance. With over 70% of all websites being vulnerable to attack, the statistics are showing that over 10,000 websites globally are being compromised each and every day.

Well over 90% of all WordPress website vulnerabilities and back doors are due to plugins and themes that have been compromised. Most of these vulnerabilities are due to plugins and themes not being kept up to date. Once a vulnerability is identified in any plugin or theme, the vulnerability is often shared quickly through the dark web for different parties to utilise for malicious, destructive or illegal means.

Such actions that could be taken when your website is compromised could include:

– Loss of website traffic and rankings;       
– Loss of website access;     
– Your website being used for malware distribution;     
– Your website being ransomed;      
– and so many other scenarios…

It is critical that you keep your website maintained, just like your car. If you don’t manage the internal functions of your website, parts will stop to work and this is the opportunity that outside parties have to gain control of it.

Website plugins and themes that run your website are all software. This software must be always kept up to date to keep your website secure.
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Here are 3 reasons to ensure your website is kept up to date:

1. Security
Security flaws may exist in any website. Hackers and other malicious parties are adept at discovering and exploiting flaws in software, apps, and plugins. They also rely on users not updating their plugins, themes, PHP, and WordPress itself. Updates are the only way to stay ahead of hackers and lower security risks.

Updates are released by plugin developers that include patches and fixes to address known issues and fortify your site against attacks. Your site is vulnerable to attacks if you do not keep your website plugins up to date.

2. A website that is free of bugs
Not only do outdated plugins jeopardise the security of your website, but they can also cause it to crash, similarly like owning a car, you are required to change the oil, filters, and general upkeep to keep the engine in good order. Your website is the same.

Visitors to your website may have a negative experience because of website neglect, as they may encounter issues such as slow loading, broken features, dead ends, and other frustrations. It can also be extremely aggravating if your plugins stop working properly, your viewers will simply bounce off your site right into the hands of your competitors.

3. Additional features
Updates include more than just security patches and fixes. They frequently include extra features and functionality, many of which may be useful to your website. If you don’t update your themes and plugins, you won’t be able to take advantage of some new features.

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If you still can’t seem to find the time to update your WordPress Plugins or update the backend of your website (it may seem daunting as to where to start), then you might need some assistance – in which case, our Mildura web design team is here to help.

Think of updating your website like buying insurance as a preventative measure that can save you a lot of time, frustration, and money in the long run, you may not think you need it until it’s too late. Fixing a website may take days or even weeks to repair if it has been hacked. You have no idea how long it will take to resolve the problem, or how many potential customers will be turned away during this period of downtime. The risks are even higher if your website is ransomed as this not only takes your website away from its primary use but could also cost you a lot of money with no clear guarantee that you will get the use of your website back again.

Anyone in charge of a website should put plugin updates at the top of their to-do list. When that notification appears, it may not appear to be significant, but it is extremely simple to implement and can save you from serious problems later. 

If scheduling updates, or even finding the time to do so is a major pain point for your business, speak to us. The Rock Solid team specialise in web design solutions and can relieve you of the responsibility of managing those critical plugin updates.

We have care packages from $49 per month designed to be affordable and can save you time and money!

We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your website up to date.
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If you would like our Mildura web design team to review your website security and update all your plugins to reduce the possibility of any unauthorised access to your site, then please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re here, ready and willing to help build a Rock Solid ‘cybercriminal proof’ website for your businesses’ continued success – just contact us today!

Rock Solid Marketing provide digital marketing in Mildura and beyond, including web design services and SEO services. Contact us to learn more about how to set your website up for SEO success!

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