18 Jul 2016

What Services To Offer With A Digital Marketing Agency

2020-02-15T15:16:08+11:002016 July 18|Branding, Copywriting, Digital Marketing News, Photography, SEO, Social Media, Web Design|

Whether you're starting your own digital marketing agency or are in the market for some digital marketing services for your business, you've come to the right place! Here's a quick look at some of the services you might consider offering (or booking) with a Melbourne digital marketing company. (Bear in mind that it's perfectly normal

30 May 2016

How To Prepare For Your Corporate Headshots

2020-02-15T15:27:54+11:002016 May 30|Photography|

Suppose your company has hired some Melbourne headshot photographers to come in and photograph you and your fellow employees. Or if you're a business owner yourself, maybe you're the one who arranged these company-wide corporate headshots. Alternatively, perhaps you have hired a headshot photographer to take photos of yourself to use on business cards, your

5 May 2016

Corporate Headshots For Eastern Eye Centre

2020-02-12T15:33:36+11:002016 May 5|Photography|

Last year, we had the opportunity to do some corporate photography in Sydney with Eastern Eye Centre. They were looking for some fresh new photos of their ophthalmologists, office staff, and office space to include on their website. Our Melbourne headshot photographers headed up to their practice in Maroubra Junction to meet the team and capture everyone in their office

15 Dec 2015

Tips For Preparing For Your Corporate Headshots

2020-02-15T14:23:17+11:002015 December 15|Photography|

We've already talked about how important it is to hire a headshot photographer if you want to be perceived as professional in your headshots. Mediocre snaps from your mobile phone and cropped photos of you with your friends or family just scream amateur, and make it look like you couldn't be bothered to invest the

3 Nov 2015

The Importance of Professional Headshots

2020-04-28T12:14:08+10:002015 November 3|Photography|

We live in a world today where everyone’s a photographer. With most everyday electronics equipped with a camera function, and basic SLR cameras being so affordable, photography has never been so accessible. That doesn’t mean you should dust off the camera you last used two years ago on holiday and take care of your business’s

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