Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click PPC and Google ADS

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google Ads, AdWords, Bing Ads – there are many digital marketing names out there, but they all refer to the same thing – paying a search engine for clicks to your website.

Whilst Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a great long-term investment, the downside is that it can take at least 6 months to see results.

If it is fast results you need, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the thing for you. The beauty being, you can go from website obscurity to top of Google literally overnight!

And since you only pay when people click on your listing, the amount you spend is directly related to the results achieved.

It is the quickest and most affordable way to start driving traffic to your website and increase conversions. However, to get the most return from your SEM campaign, it needs to be executed by a professional.

Our Mildura web design and marketing experts can walk you through the following steps:


We discuss your overall website objectives and pin point exactly what your target audience is searching for

We then run a website audit and make updates to your website so that your user journey meets your website

Once we are convinced that your website is functional, we create a keyword report. This highlights what your competitors are doing and where there’s room for improvement in your rankings. Depending on your market position, we may look for opportunities missed by the competition or we may take them on head to head. Your selected keywords will determine how easily your audience can find you.

Once we’ve finished our investigations and have selected the best keywords to target, we craft messages that entice your audience to make that all important click. Copy is the first thing your audience sees when they’re exposed to your search ad, so using a specialist copy writer is the difference between establishing a positive relationship and losing a visitor’s interest for good. You only get one chance at making a great first impression and this is where our highly talented copywriters come in.

You will now be supplied with a media plan outlining you where your money will be spent (you’ve set the budget of course) and what the estimated return will be. We are constantly monitoring your campaigns and sending out detailed reports so together we can understand your campaign return on investment (ROI) and where the opportunities lie.

Once the above is completed, we set up your Google Adwords account and create campaigns that align with your media plan and SEM strategy. We also design Retargeting and Google Display Network ads if that is part of your plan.

Monthly reports highlighting your key wins and conversions will be sent out to you. This can also determine new keyword opportunities and we can optimise as the digital arena is never stagnant. So to ensure your money isn’t wasted on tactics that have become redundant, it is important that we continue testing and optimising to ensure the best possible results.

create value
We partner with you to deliver a solid return on your marketing investment and create more value for your business.
simplify process
We provide clarity and understanding at each phase of the process from research, strategies to executional plans and roadmaps.
measure results
We work with you to define what success looks like, to align and report on these metrics for exponential growth.