21 Sep 2020

SEO Success Story: Heat Systems’ Google Featured Snippet

2020-09-25T17:19:32+10:002020 September 21|SEO, Success Story|

The Rock Solid Marketing team is thrilled to share that another of our clients has achieved a featured snipped on Google! Congratulations to Heat Systems for reaching the elusive Position Zero for their keyword term "carbon regeneration kilns".   Our SEO specialist has been focusing their optimising efforts on carbon-related keywords for Heat Systems in

11 Aug 2020

SEO Services Success Story: Out of the Ordinary Outback

2020-08-11T12:55:38+10:002020 August 11|SEO, Success Story|

As we shared in another post recently, one of our SEO clients has been enjoying immense website success since COVID-19 began, despite being in the hard-hit travel industry. At the end of 2019 we commenced our SEO services for Out of the Ordinary Outback (OOTOO), a tourism company based in the New South Wales Outback

1 Jun 2020

Web Design Success Story: Exposed Signage & Apparel

2020-06-01T16:38:22+10:002020 June 1|Success Story|

In early 2019, the team at Exposed Signage and Apparel made the call to integrate an e-commerce platform into their website. They wanted and needed a way to sell their product range online and the 'Shopify' program was rightfully identified as a solution to achieve that goal. Soon into the development however they encountered some

14 Dec 2018

SEO Success Story: Hydro Innovations’ Google Featured Snippet

2019-12-30T21:58:17+11:002018 December 14|SEO, Success Story, Web Design|

We've already shared the great success our client Hydro Innovations has enjoyed since engaging us for our SEO services. Their business is based in Sydney but provides sewage pumps Australia-wide, and their goal has been to rank for a variety of pump-related keywords in Australian Google searches. As a result of our SEO services, their

13 Oct 2018

SEO Success Story: Hydro Innovations

2019-12-30T21:22:22+11:002018 October 13|SEO, Success Story|

We've been providing our Melbourne SEO services to Hydro Innovations for nearly a year now, and it's about time we share the massive success they've seen thusfar in their SEO journey. Hydro are actually based in Sydney, but sell their wastewater pumps Australia-wide. This presented two particular keyword challenges: It's generally easier to rank for

19 Jun 2018

Web Design Success Story: Nordic Huts

2019-12-30T18:45:01+11:002018 June 19|Success Story, Web Design|

We were so pleased to flex our creative muscles with a website build for this fantastic new Melbourne-based construction business! With a design based on the mushrooming huts you find in Denmark, Nordic Huts are a tiny home / workspace built from sustainably farmed timber and with a host of Australian climate-friendly features as standard.

17 Jul 2017

How Our Client Landed A Featured Snippet On Google

2020-09-24T14:09:30+10:002017 July 17|SEO, Success Story|

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you do a search on Google, a box will appear near the top of the search results containing a short, concise description or answer to your search query? According to Google, "this featured snippet block includes a summary of the answer, extracted from a webpage, plus a link

26 Jun 2017

SEO Success Story: Romeo Homes

2019-12-30T21:33:57+11:002017 June 26|SEO, Success Story|

We've been providing our Melbourne SEO services to Romeo Homes for nearly 10 months now. Needless to say, this SEO services success story has been a long time coming!   Romeo Homes are custom home builders in Melbourne, specialising in period homes. They came to us with a beautiful and visual-heavy website that's structured well and easy

19 Jun 2017

How We Saved A Client’s SEO After A Website Redesign

2020-01-02T21:08:32+11:002017 June 19|SEO, Success Story, Web Design|

Earlier this year, we posted about what great success our client ACR Roofing has had with our SEO services in Melbourne. We were able to more than quadruple their keyword visibility on Google within the first three months of working with them. Then, in February and March of this year they went through a website redesign.

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