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Social media marketing is a mix of content marketing, interruption marketing and targeted advertising. It gives you the opportunity to interact and engage with your audience in their social space.

Our full-service Mildura digital marketing agency gives you the benefits of many talents working together to create a results driven social media strategy, that works for you. We give you our talents in copy writing, video production, graphic design, photography, online advertising, SEO and more.

Not only do we know our home soil backward, we know social media backwards. These two factors combined are a dynamic duo, with sales the ultimate winner.

We recognise the need and importance of developing and executing a robust social media campaign, that will not only reach the masses quickly and cost effectively, but cement your long-term business.

Did you know that 90% of all purchases are subjected to social influence? We have the skills to deliver engaging social media experiences, that your followers will be sharing with their friends, and their friends will be sharing with their friends…you get the point!

Our social media execution is based on what is needed for your business and focuses on how different social channels can:

  • Increase the life span and spend of existing customers – customer retention
  • Break into new markets
  • Develop meaningful brand equity and recognition
  • Find hungry buyers – people interested in your goods
  • Engagement through clever communication. A two-way conversation, not a monologue
  • Build brand loyalty – create momentum and repeat sales.
  • Gain valuable, candid insights – a new-found awareness of what your customers want and just as importantly what they don’t.

Social Media Strategy

We formulate tailored strategies and a social media plan to reach your demographic and target audience while amplifying your brand and increasing web traffic.

Social Listening

Social listening finds root causes for social discussions and makes long term improvements.

We have the tools needed to constantly monitor and listen to the social ‘grapevine’. These alerts allow us to be on the front foot of any negative press or conversations your business receives, enabling us to respond in a timely and effective manner on your behalf. Being responsive on social media clearly makes a difference.

 48% of customers make a purchase with a brand that is responsive to its customers and prospects on social media.  83% of respondents like when brands respond to questions, and 68% like when brands join conversations

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Social Media Management

Time-poor or under-resourced? We will happily manage and implement your social media strategy.

We use tools such as content calendars, A/B testing as part of this process and analyse the effectiveness of online promotions and spending to ensure you are getting value for your money. Our style is very much transparent (we have been known to over-communicate at times) so at any point you know what we’re doing and can see how we’re doing it.

Content Creation And Design Work

Our talents in video, graphics, copywriting, advertising and marketing are all yours. Let us create content that engages new customers while giving existing customers what they signed up for!

Consulting And Training

Our naturally consultative approach and easy non-tech speak means that we can easily engage your team and arm them with the knowledge and tools to successfully manage your own social media campaigns.


We are self-proclaimed ‘Kings of reporting’! Let us monitor your social media analytics, report on the data and use it to improve the effectiveness of your social channels.

Influencer Outreach

Social influencers are becoming more and more useful in the social media world. The trick is to align your brand with a person or group of people that share those same core values. Not an easy task, but a very effective one if you do your homework and make the right moves! And that is where our expertise comes in to play…

Paid Social Media Advertising

  • Facebook’s detailed prospect targeting to generate new leads for your business.
  • Linked in
  • Instagram

Managing Social Media Contests

Social media contests are fast becoming the norm and are an effective way to grow followers if you get the offering right. Trust our social media content management service to develop and execute your contests properly. This can create tremendous visibility, opportunity, and data for your brand, for very little cost.

Online Customer Care

In today’s day and age, online customer care is not only expected, it’s a must. Our expertise in this area allows us to develop the best interactive forum for your customer base. Automated programs such as ‘Chatbots’ are increasingly popular, whereby a computer program simulates a natural human conversation. Users communicate with a chatbot via the chat interface or by voice, like how they would talk to a real person. Chatbots interpret and process user’s words or phrases and give an instant pre-set answer. If robots aren’t you’re thing and you’re looking for a more personalise service, we have many other easily executable options up our sleeves.

Did you know that failing to respond to an online query can give you a 43% decrease in customer advocacy while a simple, honest, timely reply can increase it by 20%?

In the Sprout Social Index, Edition XII: Call-out Culture, we found that about 50% of consumers stated they would boycott a brand due to poor response on social. Accompanying this is consumer actions like 41% sharing the bad experience with their network and 26% trying via another channel. It’s not enough to simply respond with a perfunctory message, you have to know how to respond in a manner that will leave your most important customer satisfied.

Social Voice Strategy

We ensure your social voice is cohesive and is consistent through all platforms. This is important, especially when many people are managing your social accounts – your unique brand voice can get lost, diluting the impact of your efforts.

Our strategy also ensures your tone is relevant to the engagement. You can handle a complaint with compassion and a separate tween post with some light humor.

Video Series

A series of relevant and engaging videos are often more effective at keeping a customer coming back, over a single stand-alone post. A series allows you to set a schedule with your audience and entice their attention to keep returning to your message. This is great for people that are craving passive consumption of social media. The goal is to not just capture their attention once, but keep it for the long term. In the same way that you may keep going back to your favourite Netflix series or author.

Why not do it yourself?

Getting results from your social media can happen quickly if used wisely but it does require a lot of effort, takes a lot of time, heavy research, a great deal of data, AB testing and technical knowledge.  As business owners, it’s important to weigh up whether your time or your team’s time could be better used focussing on your core business, rather than social media. Social media features and Algorithms are always changing, a dedicated social media strategist stays abreast of these changes and makes adjustments as required.

Niche social media platforms are a gold mine of prospective clients. At Rock Solid Marketing we delve into where your customers hang out and find those places online, wherever that might be.

The rules keep changing. As technology evolves, new social services come and go. Staying on top of Social Marketing methods is a full-time job and one that we have the skills and drive to assist you with. Gaining followers and subscribers don’t come easy – there’s no magic switch to flip which suddenly results in thousands of genuine followers. A badly managed strategy does more harm than good. The process can be expensive and time-consuming.

Why Choose Rock Solid?

There are many benefits in using Rock Solid’s full-service digital marketing agency – the most obvious being that we are made of many talents, but all with the same goal of ensuring your business is the best it can be! As soon as we get the nod, we are 100% on your team, focussed entirely on developing and executing the best marketing mix possible to meet your business goals and objectives. You kick a goal, we do the victory dance!

And we’re totally flexible. We’re just as happy to take on your entire marketing suite as we are portions of, and we have the expertise and skills to empower and teach your staff to competently carry out our agreed plan of attack should that be your preference too.

Our Process

Our strategies are formed with cross-channel holistic advertising in mind, our vast skill set and entire marketing mix expertise mean no linear in-box thinking. At all times we openly communicate our intent and actions so you can always be across what we’re working on. We believe in full transparency at all times.

We pride ourselves on painting a clear picture of what is happening with an editorial calendar and keep the dialogue open with informed regular catchups (just let us know your coffee order beforehand!) Everything we do, everything we know, and wish to explain it in plain English. We’re all about being open and honest with a ‘no BS/fluff factor’ motto!


At Rock Solid Marketing we’re all about creating goals and objectives, implementing the best marketing actions to achieve these, and setting up corresponding metrics to measure the results.

We set up effective strategies to ensure your business’s digital elements work together and support each other so that your online presence is seamless, harmonious, engaging, and visually stunning. Focussed on navigating customers through the purchase cycle, we focus on:

Your consistent brand voice – it’s possible that several people will be managing your social media, we ensure your audience feels it is the same person. We do this by defining your brand voice and creating a voice strategy.  Your social approach will be cohesive across promotions, posts and service responses.

Research + Social Listening

It’s important to carry out an in-depth analysis of your industry, competitors, and online landscape. It’s also important to research what your customers care about and what makes them tick. We discover who your audience is on a personal level, their attitudes, lifestyles, and interests. We use innovative targeting methods to identify and reach new target markets that you are not yet considering. We also identify the platforms competitors use effectively, how they interact with followers, and what content gets people talking and sharing.

Content Calendar

We create an editorial calendar to plan, edit, and approve all content. Once approved, we automate all posting and advertising, yet we remain flexible to update content should any relevant topical conversations arise.


Our content techniques will work towards your business objectives. We create a power squad of content, media, and data experts tailored to drive consideration, conversion, and advocacy.


We do oh-so-much more than just take your photos and then leave you with the USB. Complete with social calendars, video scripting and directing, promotions, campaigns, competitions, reporting, and more, all prepared for your social media accounts to undergo a million dollar transformation. Your account manager will monitor your data and keep on top of any changes that may need to be made. We will see what is and isn’t working which will allow us to do more of and less of accordingly.

Moderation & Response

We moderate 24/7 to handle any inquiries and engage audiences in conversation.

Did you know 67% of consumers now go to social media for customer service?

In-depth Monthly Reporting

We will keep you in the loop with in-depth monthly reports on your digital progress,  highlighting growth, engagement, and recommendations for upcoming months

Social Media Platforms

Be where it counts most – where your customers are. Engage with them on their level.

With so many social media channels, it can be challenging to know what is right for you. We focus only on being where your audience is and engaging with them on their level.

Do you need to be active on every platform – the simple answer is no (that would be a waste of your time, energy, and resources). With our guidance and expertise, we will help you invest in the right mix with a cohesive strategy. Investing in a smart mix allows more targeted, more thoughtful campaigns that result in more effective outcomes. Regardless of what platform you choose, successful Social Media marketers focus first and foremost on customer needs. Our focus is on serving your customers with the right message, in the right place at the right time. Each social media platform has its own identity and a target market that it appeals to. This identity is formed by the user demographic and what that demographic is interested in.

Benefits of selecting a niche

Mainstream apps such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are great but don’t overlook the benefits of a less common niche social media platform. We’re here to help open up and introduce you to niche platforms that can help you, target groups, more directly, cheaper, and with significantly less competition than on mainstream media. There are many specific groups that can be targeted through these platforms. ResearchGate, for example, is a social networking site for scientists and researchers to connect, share research, ask questions and collaborate on projects and Twitch is a medium dedicated to gamers.

Our rule of thumb, if your audience is there, then go there!

Unlock the Benefits of Social Media Marketing with a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency, give us a call or shoot us an email to help you get started!

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