Working with Gordon Agencies / Water Trading: A Successful Website and Social Media Strategy

Success Story

Gordon Agencies / Water Trading is a company that deals with water resources trading and realestate in the Sunraysia region, Mildura.

Peter and his team reached out to our Mildura digital marketing agency to update their website with a new social media strategy that would better align with their brand values. This was a quintessential component, as it would help boost their brand popularity, and make it easier for their clients to use their services.

Our Mildura web design team was up to the task. They worked closely together to revamp the website and social media presence to reflect the company’s best aspects. Below, we discuss the key features of the new website and how it integrates well with the new social media strategy.

Firstly, the site’s aesthetics have been notably improved. The previous website design was quite outdated and lacked finesse. The updated design is much more stylish, easy to navigate, and recognizes their commitment to environmental conservation. The website’s primary goal is to provide information about the company and their services, something that is effectively achieved due to a more organized website layout.

Secondly, the website now includes more information about the company’s key pillars, promoting them as trustworthy partners. This includes information about their team, the company values, and other certifications that they possess. The content clearly specifies the services that Gordon Agencies / Water Trading offers and what sets them apart from others in the industry. It helps in building trust with the users and making them confident that they are making the right choice in selecting Gordon Agencies / Water Trading for their water trading needs.

Thirdly, there was an emphasis on making the website mobile-friendly. A considerable percentage of online searches are done through smartphones, making it essential to have a mobile-friendly website. The website’s mobile version is lightweight and retains the same visual quality as the desktop version, ensuring users can easily access their site irrespective of the device they are using.

Fourthly, the company’s new social media strategy is much more coordinated, with enhanced visual and textual quality, a focus on environmental conscience, and a clear set of goals. The social media strategy also conforms to the company’s core values and promotes the company’s major highlights. This approach has helped Gordon Agencies / Water Trading extend its reach to new customers and also create new touchpoints with existing clients.

Fifth and finally, the blog is one of the essential components of the new website. It’s updated regularly and provides readers with the latest news and information concerning Gordon Agencies / Water Trading and industry-related issues. The blog helps the company establish itself as a thought leader within the area of water trading and resource management, providing users with a reason to trust them more compared to competitor companies.


In summary, the collaboration between our Mildura web design team and Gordon Agencies / Water Trading to create a well-designed website and social media strategy has been a great success. The website’s clean style, easy-to-navigate layout, mobile-friendly version, and the addition of the blog factor has significantly improved the company’s online presence. Gordon Agencies / Water Trading’s new social media strategy makes their message clearer and more engaging. Overall, the partnership has allowed them to ably position themselves as a reputable company that offers a range of solutions to help meet their clients’ water trading needs, while also highlighting their commitment to environmental sustainability.

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