Is Content Really King?

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You may have heard the slightly hackneyed phrase “content is king” before, but do you actually believe it?

The Melbourne SEO specialists at Rock Solid Marketing certainly do! We ardently believe that content is the single most important thing to focus on when building out your website. Simply put, Google specifically looks for high quality content when determining its keyword rankings, so to give your site the best chance at ranking… you need to provide useful, comprehensive, and relevant content.

Top Tips For Content Creation

  • More is more. Write more blog posts, case studies, and landing pages and make them long. As a rule of thumb, aim for a minimum of 500 words per page or post.
  • Quality over quantity. Yes, write heaps, but make sure it’s done well and provides useful information that people will actually read.
  • Include media. Incorporate images, embed videos, create charts and diagrams that people can easily digest and share with others.


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Pro tip: add images to your content (and then optimise them!).

All that said, content is the foundation of your website, but it’s certainly not the entirety of it. You also need a strategy for marketing your content and getting people to not only visit your website, but also feel compelled to read other articles, share amongst their networks, link to from their own website, and come back for more.

After all: what use is it providing great content if people aren’t seeing it? 

Below are some ideas for getting more people to access your content.

Top Tips For Marketing Your Content

  • Make your content easy to find. How easy is it for someone to find the information they’re looking for? As a rule, it should take them 2 clicks or less – more than that and odds are they will get frustrated and leave your site.
  • Make your site user-friendly. Does your site have a navbar, sidebar, footer? Is there a good balance of text vs images? Does the organisation of your content make sense?
  • Share new content across social media. When you write a new blog post, be sure to share it across your social media platforms. Furthermore, make it easy for others to do the same – consider installing a WordPress social sharing plugin so people can share your content with one click.
  • Invest in SEO. You need to tell Google what your content is about so that it knows what sorts of keywords to rank you for, which will hopefully result in you showing up on Google searches. Search engine optimisation is how you do this. There are numerous ways to optimise your site and content – if the thought of this overwhelms you, consider hiring a Melbourne SEO agency to help you out!


In our next post, we’ll look at how to develop killer content for your site or blog!

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