Digital Marketing Reads – Volume 25

Here’s the latest instalment of Digital Marketing Reads, a roundup of some of the more interesting articles we’ve read lately in the digital marketing world.

Instagram Adds New Ways To Create Content

It’s no surprise that Instagram has just made a few tweaks to improve the user experience (all social media platforms do over time, as they should!).

So what’s new on Instagram lately? The platform’s newest features all revolve around improving and innovating the content creation process and include:

  • New photo and video filters
  • New undo/redo functions for video editing
  • New fonts and text styles
  • New ways to resize/crop/rotate video clips in reels
  • New functionalities that making editing reel drafts easier

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How to navigate SEO in a multi-platform world

This is a really great article we think every website and business owner should read, and a great reminder that it’s important to “roll with the punches” and adapt to ever-changing technology and platforms.

In the early days of SEO, all that mattered was ensuring your website was optimised for Google, which was pretty much the only search engine around that people were using. Now, some social media platforms function as search engines as well, which means you need to be optimising your Pinterest and TikTok posts just as you would your blog posts.

The article emphasizes that SEO experts should be involved in the whole content creation process, not just the optimisation after the fact. Their expertise is needed from the start, when a content strategy is being developed, so that the right content is created for various platforms; otherwise, you run the risk of having your SEO agency optimise content that isn’t going to help drive traffic or business (which = wasted money).

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39 Emotions Digital Marketers Can Use In Advertising

Do you consider emotions when you’re developing a marketing strategy? If not, this article makes a strong case for you to do so.

The fact is, content that evokes certain emotions tend to get shared more. According to this piece, “people shared videos that elicited high-arousal or intense emotions twice as much as ones that elicited low-arousal or moderate emotions.”

It’s long been said that shopping is emotional… i.e. make someone feel something, and you have a much greater chance of them buying whatever you’re selling.

With that in mind, this article lays out 39 different emotions (categorized into 6 different cohorts). Check it out and challenge yourself to evoke one of them in the next piece of content you create!

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