Instagram’s Newest Features

Instagram is one of the fastest-evolving social media platforms, with new features and updates being released on a regular basis. These changes appear to be occurring more frequently since the platform announced its shift in focus to video content in an effort to maximise user engagement and address the challenges posed by TikTok. This was heralded by Instagram’s announcement that IGTV would be absorbed into the larger Instagram Video platform. Instagram has now unveiled six new features that will undoubtedly alter your Instagram posting habits and strategy.

Everyone has access to a link to stories that they can click on.

Previously instagram restricted to accounts with over 10,000 followers, the ability to add links to Instagram stories is now available to all users. Instead of the once-coveted “swipe up” feature, Instagram has introduced the link sticker, which is essentially a button placed on an Instagram Story that links out to a website of the user’s choosing. As is customary on Instagram, this link must adhere to the Community Guidelines.’

Stories in 60-second increments

Users of instagram will be able to add music and effects to videos longer than one minute in their Stories without the video being split into segments. While Reels clips were extended to 60 seconds in July, this expansion into Stories means you’ll be able to upload your entire Reel into Stories instead of just the Reels feed.

Use the desktop to upload photos and videos

Finally! After years of only being able to post photos and videos via the instagram app, Instagram has announced that photos and videos will now be able to be posted via desktop as well. This is excellent news for marketers and business professionals looking for a more centralised way to manage their accounts! At this time, however, the update will not include any Stories or Reels.

Posts with the “Collaboration” option

With influencer content continuing to dominate the app, Instagram has now added a feature that allows users to collaborate on Feed posts or Reels, as well as some new music-related features. Users can now invite others to collaborate on a post or Reel from the post composer’s tagging screen. An in-app pop-up will display collaboration requests, which will explain that if accepted, the collaborative post will appear on both users’ profile grids and be shown to each of their app audiences. Both users will be visible in the final post/Reel. The good news for Creators is that every user will have access to organic insights such as view counts, like counts, and so on.

Availability of New Data Analytics

Three new metrics have been added to Instagram Insights (available on Business or Creator accounts), with the goal of providing more data for marketers and giving them more opportunities to optimise their approach and guide their content strategy.

Accounts Engaged: This metric displays the total number of accounts that interacted with your content over a specified time period.

Engaged Audience: Demographic information about users who interact with your content, such as whether they follow your profile or not, as well as top cities, countries, age ranges, and gender.

Reached Audience: demographic information about the people you’ve reached with your posts over a specified time period, such as top cities, countries, age ranges, and gender.

Scheduling of Live Streams

Instagram Lives can now be scheduled so that users receive a reminder notification on the day of the broadcast rather than simply being alerted with a spur of the moment notification. The live composer will allow broadcasters to schedule a stream up to 90 days in advance. A title description, as well as product tags, can be included.

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