Which Social Media To Use For Your Business – Part 1 of 2

With the plethora of social media platforms out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing which social media networks to implement for your business. Before diving in, note that you needn’t be active on all social media; instead, your social media strategy should focus on being present on just a couple of platforms, depending on your business and the audience you’re trying to reach.

Here’s a quick guide to the major creative social media options out there, starting with Facebook and Twitter:


With over a billion users, including 95% of Australian Internet users, Facebook is the most-used form of social media. In fact, if your target clientele is over age 40, there’s a good chance that Facebook is the only platform through which you’ll be able to reach them.

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Because of the sheer number of people you can access on this social network, Facebook should be a given in your social media strategy. Sharing image-laden posts and stimulating conversation on your page are great ways to expand your Facebook reach organically, but Facebook knows the value it provides for businesses and has capitalized on this by limiting your post visibility on your followers’ newsfeeds. In other words: if you want to reach more Facebook users, you’re going to have to pay for it.

You can either pay to boost a specific post on your Facebook (so that it shows up on more people’s newsfeeds), or for a Facebook ad that advertises your business and targets users within the demographic you specify (so that more users either click through to your website, or ‘like’ your page). A combination of sharing compelling posts, fostering interaction with and between your followers, and paying to advertise on Facebook should promote awareness of your brand and build a community around it.

No matter what your business, you can’t afford not to be on Facebook – so be sure to check out our other article for tips on how to create a Facebook page for your business.


Twitter is known as a micro-blogging social network and has over 300 million users. The premise is simple: you compose tweets of 140 characters or less, which can include images or links, and send them out into the Twitter-verse. It’s a quick way to start a conversation with your followers, or directly with other users – and doesn’t take an enormous amount of time to maintain, given the character limit. Most Twitter users fall in the 18-29 age bracket, so if your ideal customer is young and interested in your business’s industry in general, consider starting a Twitter account for your business.

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The best way to understand Twitter is to look at it as if it’s a cocktail party. It’s a fantastic opportunity to approach and quickly chat with other users in your industry or within your target audience, but bear in mind that the conversation quickly turns dull if all you do is promote yourself. Twitter is very much a two-sided story: as much as you tweet about your awesome business and link to your website and blog posts, you should also be linking to other relevant websites and mentioning other Twitter users. Your followers will appreciate hearing about something other than you and your business, as long as you keep the content relevant and interesting – plus, other users will be happy to see you mention them and may return the favor by mentioning you.

If your goal is to reach young, digitally savvy people or make direct contact with larger brands, consider using Twitter for your business.

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