A Few Quick Ways To Generate New Content Ideas

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There’s nothing worse than writer’s block when you’re furiously trying to churn out your company’s monthly email to subscribers or post daily to Instagram to keep your account on the good side of the algorithm.

Sometimes the ideas just flow to you quickly and naturally (don’t you just LOVE those days?)… and other times, inspiration just doesn’t come so easily.

So what do you do if you’ve got a deadline and can’t think of anything to write, post, or share with your audience? We’ve got a few tips for you that are sure to get the creative juices flowing.

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What are people asking you about?

Whether it’s via email, direct message, or in person, consider the questions people tend to ask you. Are there any common themes or frequently asked questions? If so, it means that:

  • They see you as an expert in this area, and
  • They have a need (for knowledge, service, etc) in this area

Use these questions as a basis for the content you create. You’ll be helping people while showcasing your area of expertise. It’s a win-win!

What’s relevant or trending now?

Think about what people are talking about these days and that will lead you to topics you know are of interest.

Consider current events (lookin’ at you, COVID-19), trends (have you hopped on the Tik Tok train?), and the season or time of the year. What’s your take on them? Do you have any tips for people? Do you have a controversial opinion? All of these are bound to generate buzz, should you share them in a piece of content you create.

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Check Your Analytics

What kind of content has done well in the past?

One way to determine this is to check your analytics, either your site stats on Google Analytics or your engagement stats on Instagram.

In Google Analytics, look at the traffic breakdown by page and you can see which articles on your site are getting the most views and clicks. On Instagram, look at the number of likes, comments, shares, and engagement on your posts and stories.

Once you see what sort of content your audience enjoys from you, you can create even more content on those or similar topics.

Ask Your Audience

If all else fails, why not ask your customers or followers directly what they would like to see from you?

While you could just ask them this exact question and hope for a few replies, you’re likely to get more of a response if you make it easier for them. Consider giving them a few options and asking them to choose which they prefer, e.g.:

  • A list of topics
  • A list of content types (video, image, long form writing)

Want to make it even easier for them to give feedback? Have them vote in a poll: you can do this by either adding a poll to your Instagram stories, or by creating a poll on Google Forms and linking to it in your email. That way, all they have to do is click and submit their choice.

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