Rock Solid Marketing for Princes Court, Aged Care Provider

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Marketing is one of the most crucial things for the success of any business. Aged care providers like Princes Court also require robust digital marketing strategies to keep attracting clients. However, designing marketing strategies for these providers is different from other businesses as it needs to be more empathetic towards the elderly and their families.

So, how can Princes Court build a rock-solid marketing plan that stands out? Here’s what our Mildura digital marketing team have to say about it:

Targeted and Personalized Marketing

Aged care providers cannot employ generic marketing strategies, as each client has unique needs and preferences. Princes Court’s marketing strategy must target their client base based on their age, medical needs, and preferences.

A good way to start is by segmenting the client base into different groups, such as seniors who need assistance with daily living tasks, and elderly people with some level of needed support such as shopping, cleaning, domestic or nursing and medical assistance. Your marketing should be designed to cater to their specific needs, showcasing the unique benefits and care that Princes Court can provide. Personalised, targeted email newsletters, social media campaigns, and other advertising media can work wonders.

Stand Out From the Competition

The elderly care industry is highly competitive, hence making it necessary for Princes Court to stand out from its rivals. One unique approach could be to focus on holistic care, such as incorporating nature, hobbies, or community events, to bring joy and comfort to their clients. Another way to stand out can be to offer unique services, like providing online consultations or complimentary services to make their lives easier.

Build Trust and Credibility

For people to engage with a brand, they need to trust it. Princes Court needs to focus on building trust and credibility with its clients, residents and families. To do that, they need to showcase their standard of care and provide the necessary proof of their expertise.

One route could be to collaborate with influencers or launch advocacy programs that could highlight the benefits of their assisted living home or centre. Testimonials, online reviews, must be turned into building elements that assure people of their quality of care.

Use Innovative Techniques

Princes Court can effectively leverage innovative marketing techniques to reach out to their target audience. Customized brochures or interactive websites can be used to showcase the services that the institution provides and get attention from potential clients. The use of Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality can make their clients feel genuinely in touch with their services.

Measure and Adjust

Marketing strategies are not one-size-fits-all. It is necessary to track the progress of your marketing tactics, analyze the data, and keep refining and adjusting the plan based on the results. This way, you can gradually improve its impact and outreach efforts. Princes Court should set specific goals and measure KPIs to gauge the efficacy of marketing campaigns. Such analysis should help them make informed decisions on what’s working and what’s not.


Marketing is the backbone of the business, including the aged care industry. Aging is a sensitive issue, which should be given priority in any marketing plan. A rock-solid marketing plan doesn’t come overnight; it requires consistency, creativity, and a willingness to adapt and improve constantly.

Princes Court need to build confidence and trust with clients and prospective clients, showcase their quality care through personalized marketing, offer unique, innovative services, and consistently measure and adjust their advocacy efforts.

Our digital marketing tips will help Princes Court create and execute a marketing plan that genuinely reaches out to their elderly base and communicates their commitment to providing optimal care.

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