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We’ve already shared the great success our client Hydro Innovations has enjoyed since engaging us for our SEO services. Their business is based in Sydney but provides sewage pumps Australia-wide, and their goal has been to rank for a variety of pump-related keywords in Australian Google searches.

As a result of our SEO services, their keyword visibility more than doubled in 6 months as we meticulously optimised each of their pages and blog posts month over month.

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In recent months, we noticed that Hydro had achieved the much-coveted Position Zero on Google for one of their keyword terms, “self priming pumps”. Also known as a Google Featured Snippet, Position Zero refers to the box that often appears above Google search results that quickly and clearly answers a user’s search query.

The Google Featured Snippet is a bit of an enigma, though. Not all searches will have one, and if they do – there’s a fair chance the snippet will change more frequently than the search results that appear below it. Searches that are trickier to answer or summarise succinctly are less likely to have a featured snippet.

In other words, it’s difficult to devise a strategy for achieving Position Zero for your keywords. It’s basically a crapshoot. So instead, you might as well carry on with your normal SEO strategy and do the best you can at optimising your keywords for positions 1 and down. Google chooses the featured snippet out of the top search results, so if you’re already ranking well for your keywords then you’ve set yourself up well for Position Zero.


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While the mystery of Google Featured Snippets is still largely unsolved, we do have a few theories as to why our client achieved it with one of their top keywords:

  • The post that made it to Position Zero directly answers the question of what is a self priming pump, which is extremely relevant to the keyword search for self priming pumps.
  • Instructions for how to do something, or how something works, are commonly used in featured snippets. Hydro’s post succinctly explains how self priming pumps work.
  • Subheadings that clearly tell Google what the post is about and answer the questions of what, where, why, and how are the stuff of featured snippet dreams. Hydro does exactly this in their post.


Congratulations to Hydro Innovations for making it to Position Zero on Google!


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