All About Paid Online Advertising


Just as businesses pay to place an ad in a magazine or newspaper, or on a bus or billboard, they can also pay for online advertising.

Paid online advertising can be very helpful in driving traffic to your website, increasing brand awareness, and generating more sales. However, it’s very easy to fail if you choose the wrong type of paid advertising or aren’t mindful of how much you’re spending on it.

So how do you know where to focus your paid advertising efforts? Here’s a quick look at what your options are when it comes to paid online advertising.

Type of Ad

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Example of a display ad.

Display Ads

You might know these as small banners that appear throughout a website, be it in the sidebar, header, or within the page content. Display ads are a more visual type of online advertising, however it can be more challenging to target because these banner ads tend to display when a person is not actively searching for something.

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Example of a text ad.

Text Ads

You might notice that sometimes a listing appears on Google search at the very top of the page with the word “Ad” next to it. These are text ads, which can be a more affordable option for paid online advertising.

If you choose your keywords wisely, you can enjoy significant success with a text ad because they end up displaying to people who are searching for something specific on Google and therefore are more inclined to click through. What’s more, text ads appear at the very top of the Google search results, meaning greater visibility.

Where to Advertise

Google AdWords

Through Google AdWords, you can run text ads or display ads for your online advertising using highly targeted keywords.

Important to note is that the longer you use AdWords, the better your quality score will be. And a higher quality score can lead to better ad rank and higher click-through rate.

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An example of a Facebook ad.

Social Media

As we’ve said before, every business should focus their social media efforts on the platform or platforms that their target audience uses the most. Then, they can choose to advertise on one or more of these social platforms, depending on what the goal is and where they get the most engagement.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are probably the big 3 when it comes to social media advertising. On all of these, you can place an ad with both text and imagery and target it based on user preferences, demographics, and location. You might choose to pay per click, per impression, or per conversion, depending on your goal. For example, if you want to build your social media following, you’ll want to pay for each new follower rather than for a click through to your website; alternatively, if you want to generate more traffic to your site, then you’d pay per click.

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