Our Best Digital Marketing Tips For 2024

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Here at Rock Solid Marketing Mildura, we thought we’d kick off the year with some helpful digital marketing tips to assist in making 2024 a successful year for your business.

So much has changed in the online marketing landscape in recent years that it looks completely different than it did when we founded Rock Solid Marketing nearly a decade ago. In 2014, Facebook was all the rage, Instagram was the new kid on the block, and Twitter was still popular (not to mention, still called Twitter). In 2024? Not so much.

It’s important to change with the times and adapt your digital marketing strategy every year, because what worked back then probably isn’t what will work right now.

With that in mind, here are a few things that our Mildura web design and marketing team highly recommend you focus on in 2024:

Focus on ONE social media platform

Don’t worry if you feel pressure to be on EVERY social media platform out there – most of us do!

The good news is that you can enjoy massive success in your business without spending all of your time trying to crack the algorithm or go viral with every post. All you have to do is focus on ONE social media platform and commit to posting consistently and growing your audience on there. That’s much less overwhelming than feeling like you have to post on every platform every day, right?

Once you’ve built a solid audience on one platform, THEN you can feel free to focus on a second one if you want to.

Which platform is best to focus on? That’ll depend on your business/brand and who you’re trying to reach. We recommend going with the platform that your target audience is using the most… whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

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Nurture your e-mail list

One thing that’ll never go out of style in digital marketing? The mailing list.

If you own a business or a personal brand and you don’t yet have an e-mail list that your readers and followers can sign up for, stop what you’re doing and start one NOW.

E-mail is where you can directly reach your biggest fans and ultimately sell to them without all the noise and distraction of social media.

And unlike your social media presence, you OWN your mailing list. No one can take that away from you. Think about what would happen if you put all your eggs in the Instagram basket and Instagram disappeared tomorrow. How would you reach the people who followed you there? You’d have to rebuild your audience from scratch, which would be pretty devastating.

Don’t forget about long-form content

Sure, short video clips and graphic carousels have been wildly popular in recent years, but there’s still a place and a market for long form content.

YouTube, blogs, and podcasts are media where you’re not limited to a small square, or a 20-second clip, where you can use more words and visuals to express yourself and explain a concept. It’s a more intimate way to connect with people and further grow your audience.

Our Mildura marketing team recommends choosing ONE long form content platform to focus on – because let’s be realistic, do you really have enough time to consistently churn out 20-minute videos AND 1500-word articles on a regular basis? Much better to just pick one and focus your efforts on growing that one platform, rather than spreading yourself thin across several and not seeing momentum on any.

Which platform, you ask? We say go with the one you enjoy using the most! That’ll give you the best chance at sticking with it long-term 😉

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Hop on the video train

We hate to break it to you, but the trend toward video content isn’t showing any signs of stopping. With the various algorithms all prioritising video content and people statistically preferring to consume videos over words, images, or audio, the time to hop on the video train was three years ago.

But don’t worry, it isn’t too late to get onboard! Start posting videos and you’ll be surprised at how many more views you get on social media. And don’t be afraid to get creative with it – you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing!

Contact the Mildura digital marketing experts at Rock Solid Marketing to set your business up for digital success this year!

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