What’s The Deal With The New Instagram Creator Account?

Earlier this year, Instagram quietly rolled out their new Creator account option for users.

Over here at Rock Solid Marketing, we’ve not heard too much about the new Creator account, so we decided to do a little research of our own.

Here’s what you need to know about Instagram Creator accounts:

What Is An Instagram Creator Account?

Instagram created the Creator account primarily to cater to influencers. It offers a few features that make it easier for influencers to use the platform for business, such as:

  1. More growth tools (data)
  2. Simplified messaging
  3. Flexible profile controls

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The process of switching to a Creator account.

1. More Growth Tools

Creator accounts have access to more advanced audience insights, such as follows/unfollows, which is what they need to provide to brands they work with to prove ROI.

2. Simplified Messaging

Creator accounts have 3 inbox folders: primary, general, and requests. Messages in the primary folder are more visible and are the more important messages that they want to be notified of, while messages in the general folder have less of a priority and don’t trigger any notification. You can move messages between these two folders.

3. Flexible Profile Controls

With a Creator account, you have more control over what appears in your Instagram profile. You can select from an extensive list of categories (which by the way does not need to match the category of your Facebook page), and opt to include or exclude contact buttons.

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How Instagram DMs look for Creator accounts.

Who Should Switch To A Creator Account?

If you’re an influencer, a Creator account is for you! Influencers are people who make money mostly by posting on Instagram or other social media platforms (i.e. posting photos of themselves with certain products or in specific places because they were paid to advertise them to their audience).

If you’re a content creator, *ahem* – you’re a creator, you need a Creator account. Content creators can be considered influencers, but the term casts a wider net over content that’s created both on and off social media: think bloggers, vloggers, artists.

In other words, content creators focus on creating quality content, while influencers focus more on promoting content to their audiences. This article does an excellent job at explaining the difference between influencers and content creators. Either way, both types of creatives should be using a Creator account on Instagram.

If you’re a public figure, celebrity, or artist of any sort, a Creator account is also ideal for you.

Who Should NOT Switch To A Creator Account?

If you have a business account and are considering switching to a Creator account on Instagram, do NOT make the change if you fit any of the following:

  • Local business
  • Retailer
  • Brand
  • Organization
  • Service provider

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