The Importance of Professional Headshots


We live in a world today where everyone’s a photographer. With most everyday electronics equipped with a camera function, and basic SLR cameras being so affordable, photography has never been so accessible.

That doesn’t mean you should dust off the camera you last used two years ago on holiday and take care of your business’s headshots and product photos yourself, though. There’s a very clear difference between photos taken on auto mode by an amateur and photos taken by a professional photographer with top level gear.

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Your corporate photography is a reflection of your brand

The images you put forward on your business’s website influence how people perceive your brand. Say you want to include headshots of you and your employees on your website so that customers can put a face to the brand and hopefully feel comfortable enough to inquire about your services. Consider the possible options here:

  1. You recycle old photos, perhaps cropping them so that there’s just one person per image. All of these edited headshots were taken in varying locations and look completely different from one another.
  2. You or a coworker bring your entry-level SLR into the office and take headshots against a white wall. You’re not entirely sure how to work the flash or adjust the settings, so the photos come out underexposed and weirdly lit. Also, not everyone is smiling, and some even have their eyes closed.
  3. You hire a professional headshot photographer in Melbourne, have a quick and easy photoshoot, and receive your headshots within a week. Everyone looks their best, and all the photos look consistent in lighting, location, and editing style.

1 and 2 are certainly the cheapest options, but keep in mind the time you’ll have to spend taking the photos and editing them yourself. Wouldn’t that time be better spent on something you’re exceptional at, that would bring more value to your business?

And consider the impact your amateur headshots will have on potential customers. What will they think when they see you didn’t make the effort to invest in high quality images for your business website?

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On the other hand, you could go with option 3, hire Rock Solid Marketing’s headshot photographers in Melbourne or Mildura, and not have to worry about a thing. You’ll end up with high quality headshots that give off a professional image, which instills trust and commands a higher price point. Incorporating professional photography in your website makes your business look more legit and desirable to work with.

In other words: hire a professional to look professional.

Learn more about corporate photography and digital marketing in Mildura.

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