Corporate Headshots For Eastern Eye Centre


Last year, we had the opportunity to do some corporate photography in Sydney with Eastern Eye Centre. They were looking for some fresh new photos of their ophthalmologists, office staff, and office space to include on their website. Our Melbourne headshot photographers headed up to their practice in Maroubra Junction to meet the team and capture everyone in their office environment.

Headshots & Environmental Portraits

There’s no denying that professional headshots are important. We like to take our headshots both in front of a solid-coloured wall and within the natural work environment. For Eastern Eye Centre, we posed their ophthalmologists in front of a wall in the waiting room, then at their private office desks. We feel that both types of headshots are equally important when advertising your business: the plain headshots provide a clear picture of each of your staff without distractions, while the environmental portraits provide some context around what they do.

melbourne headshot photographers

Headshot photographers in Melbourne

The photos we capture will normally include more than just your head. That way you have the option of cropping the photo if all you want is your head, for example for your LinkedIn profile or business cards. Or you can keep the photo as-is if you prefer more of your body or the background to be included. It’s like getting two shots with one photo!

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Candid Photography

Once the ever-important headshots are done, we like to get you to loosen up a little and do what you do best! At Eastern Eye Centre, we asked a few of the eye doctors if we could observe them at work. People like to know exactly what they can expect when they make a purchase or book an appointment, so with our corporate photography services we always include some candid shots of staff at work.

The Eastern Eye doctors were happy to demonstrate how they perform check-ups on both adults and children in their office. The hope is that potential clients who stumble upon these photos on their website will feel at ease knowing who and what to expect, and be more likely to book an appointment as a result.

melbourne headshot photographers

Corporate photography in Melbourne

Of course we couldn’t forget to include some photos of the friendly receptionists hard at work behind the front desk!

melbourne headshot photographers

Group Shots

If your business website has an About page, a group shot of your team would fit perfectly here. A cohesive group of smiling faces is much more welcoming to potential customers than a photo-less page of text.

Our Melbourne corporate photographer made sure to capture the administrative staff in their lobby, dressed professionally and looking friendly. Whenever possible, we like to include the business logo/sign in the background for some added branding.

If your business is looking to take some group photos, we recommend sourcing a location that has enough room to comfortably fit all employees, as well as for the photographer to stand back and take the photo. If your office is on the smaller side, consider taking this photo outside of the office. Our headshot photographers can help you brainstorm locations if needed!

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Corporate photography in Melbourne

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