About the Client: In2Fire, previously known as Kline Fire Services, specialise in household commercial fire safety services.

Scope of Work: Branding, logo, livery, stationery, web design and development, SEO and marketing collateral. Additional support provided by Rock Solid Marketing as required.

Type of plan/ partnership : A long standing client who started their Rock Solid journey on a partnership plan, once they achieved the results they were looking for, they we’re keen to transition into a maintenance plan to continue momentum.

Objective: Our client was undertaking a name change and needed a branding strategy to ensure leader status amidst a competitive industry.

Outcome:  Prior to the name change we had been providing SEO services to the client on a Bespoke plan. They then decided to hire us on a partnership plan to ensure the new brand strategy was a success.

A modernised logo was created along with branding that speaks professionalism, security and urgency. Clean lines and simplicity are honoured through the execution of the new branding collateral including a new website and vehicle signage.



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