What Is IG TV & Should You Use It For Your Business?

We’ve been covering the ins and outs of Instagram recently here on the blog. We even dove into Instagram Stories and why or how you should be using this feature. As an ever-changing platform, Instagram recently added another feature called IG TV. But what’s the difference with the Instagram Stories and should you use IG TV for your business?

We already explained how Instagram Stories appear on the top of the feed and disappear after 24h. It offers a great way to create more engaging content with your audience without it having to be super polished like your Instagram feed. It’s easy, fun and can add a lot to your brand experience. IG TV is a little bit different and requires some more thought. Let us explain!


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In short, IG TV is the answer to the growing popularity of YouTube. Here -mostly younger- audiences choose to spend their time watching amateur content creators rather than professionally created content (such as traditional TV). According to Instagram, a whopping 78% of all mobile traffic will be on video by 2021! That means that even more people will be watching their phone rather than their TV after a long day at work.

Like Instagram Stories, IG TV is meant to be shown vertically, with one major difference. The content on IG TV elevates the video game of a brand and will, therefore, be less spontaneous, but more polished, long-form and curated content.

It’s a place for a thought-out video campaign to showcase a new product rather than a behind the scenes look at the brand.

Don’t let that scare you. Everyone can upload and start an IG TV channel! It doesn’t even have to be of the highest professional quality, after all it’s not Netflix. If you are excited to get started with this new platform, we recommend sitting down and thinking about the story you would like to tell and why you are creating the video.

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How do you know whether you should jump on the IG TV bandwagon?

It all depends on your social media strategy. We highly believe that you shouldn’t dive into every shiny new feature just because it is there. On the other hand, we also believe in the power of video content. Therefore, if you do have a message that you would like to share with your audience in a format that is longer lasting than 24h, IG TV may be your perfect platform!

Some fun facts about IG TV:

  • All videos should be in a vertical format, after all, that is how we’re using our phones
  • Influencers with large followings get about 1 hour of airtime, but normal Instagram users will have 10 minutes at their disposal. 10 minutes is usually more than long enough to convey your message!
  • You can add links to your website on your video! Instagram doesn’t often allow clickable links, so this could a great way to drive traffic to your web page.

If this is something that you find interesting, we’re more than happy to dive even further into this new Instagram beast and how to use it to your advantage in following posts.


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