Digital Marketing Reads – Volume 13

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Here’s the latest instalment of Digital Marketing Reads, a roundup of some of the more interesting articles we’ve read lately in the digital marketing world.

Is Apple getting real about search and about to take on Google?

Apple’s long been a competitor of Google, from mobile phones to maps to… now search engines?

Though it’s not been confirmed yet, there is some evidence that Apple is intent on creating its own search engine. At the moment, Google is the default search engine on the Safari browser on iPhones, which sends a significant number of searches Google’s way. If Apple were to replace this default search engine with their new in-house search engine, there’s no doubt that Google would see much less traffic (though on the plus side, it wouldn’t need to keep paying Apple to be the default search engine on iPhone).

Why would Apple take on Google in perhaps the biggest battle of them all? Mostly to have more control over the iPhone user experience.

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Image via BetaNews.

Instagram Carousels Are the Most Engaging Post Type

Surprise! A recent study of over 22 million Instagram posts has revealed that carousel posts get more engagement than any other type of Instagram post (e.g. videos or single posts).

According to this study, nearly 20% of Instagram posts are carousels, which have an average engagement rate of 1.92% (compared to 1.74% for single image and 1.45% for video posts).

Though carousels can contain up to 10 slides, most posts average only 2-4 slides per carousel. If only people knew that carousels that max out at 10 slides actually get more engagement than carousels with any other number of slides (averaging 2.07% engagement)!

Furthermore, according to the data in this article: ” if you’re going to post a carousel with more than 3 slides, you might as well go all out and make it 8-10″. And if you’re going to post a carousel at all, including both images and videos in it is your best bet (this type of carousel has the highest average engagement at 2.33%).

Note that this study did not take into account reels, a new type of post that rolled out after this article was published.

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Image via SocialInsider.

11 Tips for Optimizing Your Images on Amazon

If you’re selling products on Amazon, don’t forget about SEO! It might not even cross your mind as you’re adding your products to the site, but in addition to crafting a catchy product description, you should also ensure you’ve put your best face forward with your product images.

Here are a few ways you can optimise your Amazon product images:

  • Make the main image your best one, and ensure it’s high quality and close up
  • Max out the number of images alloted (rather than only uploading the minimum)
  • Ensure each image is at least 1000px on the short side (so it’s zoomable)

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