How To Prepare For Your Corporate Headshots


Suppose your company has hired some Melbourne headshot photographers to come in and photograph you and your fellow employees. Or if you’re a business owner yourself, maybe you’re the one who arranged these company-wide corporate headshots. Alternatively, perhaps you have hired a headshot photographer to take photos of yourself to use on business cards, your LinkedIn profile, or your website.

No matter the reason, this much is clear: you’re about to get your picture taken. Are you ready for your closeup?

Following our earlier post on Tips For Preparing For Your Headshots, here are a few *new* tips on how to prepare for your corporate headshots.

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4. Be Natural

If you haven’t been the subject of a photo shoot before, getting your corporate headshots taken can feel a little awkward. You might start to overanalyse the situation, worrying about what you look like and how to position yourself. What do I do? and Is it over yet? are thoughts that will likely be constantly running through your mind.

The key to getting some great corporate headshots is to act natural. Try to silence the nagging voices in your head and stop thinking so much about the outcome. If you’ve hired a good Melbourne headshot photographer, they should be able to put you at ease and direct you in terms of which poses will flatter you the most. Smile the way you normally smile; look the way you normally look.

Some people like to dress up for their headshots or wear more makeup than they normally would. This can sometimes be fine, but we advise against it because it often makes you feel a little more self conscious and yields photos that don’t really look like you. Again: be natural!

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5. Go For Some Environmental Portraits

Normal corporate headshots typically feature the head and shoulders posed against a neutral non-distracting background, as they absolutely should. You definitely need a standard headshot like this.

But once you’ve got it, you might as well play around and go for some more creative photos as well. At Rock Solid Marketing, our Melbourne headshot photographers like to capture employees at work in their typical work environments. These environmental portraits are perfect for use on a company website, particularly when advertising services. Potential customers like to know what to expect before they book an appointment or make a purchase, and these sorts of photos are very effective at conveying this.

And, bonus: you’re bound to act more natural (see #4 above) when asked to sit in your normal work environment or office, carrying out your everyday work tasks.

We recently captured corporate headshots for Eastern Eye Centre, providing them with both standard headshots and environmental portraits.

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