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You can throw all the money you want at paid advertising and web design services, but remember this golden rule: content is king.

If you want to continuously drive traffic to your website, gain new visitors, and get other sites to link to yours (hello, SEO juice), you need to host quality content on your website. Google is getting smarter and smarter with time and can better detect which sites have valuable content vs. which sites just pad their pages with clunky animations and keyword-stuffed blurbs.

For top notch quality content, consider investing in our copywriting services at Rock Solid Marketing. We can write interesting blog posts, spice up the copy on each page of your website, and craft witty social media posts, all while optimizing this content naturally with relevant keywords.

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There are also some simple things you can do to improve your website copywriting on your own, all of which will have a positive impact on your SEO results:

Aim for at least 250 words per page

For SEO purposes, each page of your site should have at least 250 words of copy. Less than that and Google is skeptical of just how much value you’re providing on this page. Aim for at least 500 words, if you can.

Include lots of copy on your homepage

Many of our clients come to us already having a website and looking to make it better. The very first thing we – and at least 99% of their site visitors – look at is the homepage. We see so many websites with a “pretty” layout, often without much copy at all on the homepage except for a few links which lead to other pages that actually contain some text. Not having an optimized, text-heavy homepage is like shooting yourself in the SEO foot. Your homepage is the one you most-want to rank on Google, and it’s very hard to do that when it hasn’t provided search engines with much text to crawl.

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Great homepage copywriting example

Make your writing easy to read

There’s a time and place for eloquent, wordy writing: website copywriting just isn’t one of them. Always aim to write in a style that’s clear, concise, and easy to follow. Shorter sentences are preferable to long ones.

Incorporate your keywords naturally

There’s nothing worse than seeing a very obvious keyword phrase stuffed numerous times in a webpage’s copy. Your keywords shouldn’t immediately stand out in your website copy as being obvious SEO fodder. Instead, work your keywords in naturally. Don’t stick them in unless they are relevant to the webpage content. You may have to rework your website copy in order to fit them in, and that’s completely fine.

Or, alternatively, engage Rock Solid Marketing’s Melbourne SEO Services to take care of your keyword optimization for you!

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