Digital Marketing Reads – Volume 17

Here’s the latest instalment of Digital Marketing Reads, a roundup of some of the more interesting articles we’ve read lately in the digital marketing world.

7 SEO Crawling Tool Warnings & Errors You Can Safely Ignore

Our Mildura web design team loves this article especially because it brings to light all of the so-called website “errors” that really don’t matter (yet can cause website owners a lot of stress and worry).

If you or your digital marketing agency are looking at a site audit carried out by a tool such as SEMrush or Ahrefs, you might be alarmed to see all of the errors that pop up. This article does a great job at putting you at ease by pointing out which ones can be ignored without any repercussion.

These include:

  • Meta description too short, or missing – While the description is useful for the user experience, in actuality it’s not even factored into Google search rankings
  • Low word count pages – It’s actually normal for some pages of a website to not have a lot of written content, and this is fine if you’re not aiming to get them ranked for certain keyword terms (e.g. the contact page)
  • Low HTML-to-text ratio – There’s no such thing as an ideal HTML-to-text ratio!
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Google tackles pollution and competitors with Maps updates

While not directly SEO-related, we thought this was a very interesting bit of news. It seems that on Google Maps, you can now search for the most fuel-efficient route to get from A to B.

According to Searchengineland, “eco-friendly driving directions that prioritize the most fuel-efficient route over the fastest route” are now live in Google Maps. The eco-conscious Rock Solid Marketing team absolutely LOVES this new feature! Though note that it’s only being rolled out to the US at first, so you may not see it just yet if you’re in Australia.

Keep your emails out of the spam folder and in front of your subscribers

This article is super useful for anyone who regularly e-mails their mailing list (which, if you’re a business owner, should definitely be you!).

In it, there’s a link to download an “Email Marketing Periodic Table” (really, a fancy term for “cheatsheet”). This table/cheatsheet is full of tips for making sure that the emails you send actually 1). Make it into your subscribers’ inbox (rather than going straight to spam) and 2). Get opened, read, and engaged with by them.

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