Romeo Homes

Success Story

About the Client: Romeo Homes are custom home builders in Melbourne, specialising in period homes.

Scope of work: SEO services and website hosting

Type of plan/ partnership : Partnership plan

Objective:  Romeo homes came to us wanting help to improve their rankings on Google. Their site was structured well and aesthetically pleasing, with hundreds of images of homes they had built over the years. They had an extensive list of keywords to optimise for. Our mission was to optimise their image heavy site for strategically focused keywords, rather than dilute their SEO juice.

Outcome:  After 7 months we were able to improve their keyword visibility by 30%. We undertook a variety of marketing activities that contributed to the gradual and steady increase in visibility that you see below:

As we do with all of our clients, we started with a site audit then corrected any errors including duplicate title tags, broken links, missing tags, a missing sitemap and a pesky www-resolve error that initially prevented our audit tool from being able to crawl the whole site.  Fixing these errors makes the site easier for Google to scan and read and therefore rank higher.

At the beginning, Romeo Homes had an extensive list of keywords to optimise for, most of which related to the various types of houses they build. Rather than dilute their SEO juice and attempt to optimise for almost 80 different keyword terms, we undertook some keyword research to determine the search volume and competition for each.

We found that a solid portion of their keywords only had a handful of searches per month. Armed with this knowledge, we aimed to optimise for the keywords with a higher search volume instead. Focusing our efforts on fewer keywords that are more frequently searched definitely helped us achieve SEO success with Romeo Homes’ site.

We than spent considerable time optimising the hundreds of images on their site. To get the best results we re-optimised the images month over month.

From there we maintained top rankings for the client by continuing to monitor their keyword performance on Google and adjust the optimisations accordingly.

Remember, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint – you can’t just “set it and forget it“.

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