Nordic Huts

Success Story

About the Client: Nordic Huts are a construction company that build tiny homes / workspaces that resemble Danish backyard sheds, known as “skur’s”. They utilise a host of Australian climate-friendly features and are built from sustainably farmed timber.

Scope of work :  Website design and development, copy writing and SEO

Type of plan/ partnership : Bespoke plan

Objective:  Nordic Huts were a start up company who needed more visibility in a highly competitive online marketplace which includes some of Australia’s biggest builders and hardware suppliers.

Outcome: We crafted a design that complemented the monochrome simplistic, Scandinavian inspired huts. The site is uncluttered and a pleasure for people to navigate. In the essence of minimalism, beautiful hero images were added to each page, this creates more impact as opposed to many photos competing for the viewers attention.

Our copywriter ensured that each page used appropriate keywords, was easy to read and that technical specs were understandable (ie. not in builder speak!).

To give them an ongoing competitive edge we also ensured they had the capacity to add pages to their site, including more galleries of the beautiful professional photos and a latest news / blog page.

We’re pleased to say that within two months of launch, this website was coming up at the top of search engine results for a number of the requested keywords, and that they are now working to improve keyword rankings in other areas too.

Feedback from the Nordic Huts team included comments from their clients who loved the layout and accessibility of the site.

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