Mobile Sign Billboards


Outback Signs is an excellent outdoor advertising medium for businesses that want to communicate with people while they are in action.

Unlike other traditional media, which is being diluted by technology, our audience is highly receptive and openly responsive to advertising messages. With the media landscape becoming increasingly fragmented, billboard sign advertising provides an unavoidable high impact offering unlike any other.

With Outback Mobile Billboards, you can STAND OUT and BE SEEN.

Mobile billboards stand out in a world crowded with advertising noise. Your audience is unable to change the channel or page. Your advertisement is seen, absorbed, and remembered.

Whether you require a comprehensive advertising strategy or a one-time media placement, the marketing experts at Rock Solid Marketing can assist you.

SEEK OUT make a statement make an impression. Mobile billboards stand out in a world crowded with advertising noise. Your audience cannot change the channel or page, and your advertisement can be seen and absorbed on a subconscious level. When compared to other available advertising mediums, mobile billboard advertising is the most cost effective. It has a strong visual impact, is one-of-a-kind, and is only available in your targeted location/market.

Prices begin as low as $1000 per month!

Have you seen any mobile billboard advertisements in Sunraysia? You most likely have. Your potential customers have done the same.

Get in touch with us about your requirements; our packages are diverse and very affordable.

Great Features

Boost brand awareness

Mobile billboard advertising is quickly emerging as the leading channel for driving online searches and boosting brand awareness.


If a location isn’t working out or becomes less effective over time you have the freedom and peace of mind to move it to a new location.

Target your customers

Directly target specific locations to reach your demographic. You can choose to reach tourists on route to their destination or local traffic during their daily runs.


It is a marketing tool that targets audiences at a subconscious level. In one day thousands of people see the message on the billboard and it gets in their memory, the same as seeing a message constantly throughout the day.

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create value
We partner with you to deliver a solid return on your marketing investment and create more value for your business.
simplify process
We provide clarity and understanding at each phase of the process from research, strategies to executional plans and roadmaps.
measure results
We work with you to define what success looks like, to align and report on these metrics for exponential growth.