What is marketing?2020-01-10T15:57:52+11:00

Marketing is about presenting and promoting your products or services to their target audience in order to meet their needs and solve a problem. It includes advertising (both online and in print), branding, website optimisation, social media, market research, and more.

What services do you offer?2020-01-10T15:48:43+11:00

At Rock Solid Marketing, we offer services such as graphic design, website design, search engine optimisation, marketing advice including marketing plans and strategy, email marketing, content writing, printing, and even WordPress training. Click here to learn more about our services.

Do you have any speciality areas?2020-01-10T15:57:38+11:00

Our speciality is around marketing: we assist many small businesses to develop marketing plans and often manage their marketing as an outsourced service. We also offer an array of services in the digital marketing, traditional marketing, and visual marketing realms. Historically, our digital marketing services have been the most popular amongst our clients, with most of them coming to us wanting to improve their online presence with a new website and SEO.

Are your clients regional or metropolitan-based? What is your service area?2020-01-10T16:03:12+11:00

We are proud to serve clients Australia-wide, no matter where their business is based. Most of our clients are located in Victoria, though. We love being able to meet with you onsite, either in our Mildura office or at yours – though if that’s not possible, we’re happy to set up virtual meetings to talk about your marketing needs.

Do you outsource your work or do you have people in-house?2020-01-10T16:04:39+11:00

We have our own in-house creative team who deliver graphic design and website design projects for our clients. We’re always growing our team of creatives and so there’s a good variety of skill sets and experience on our team to ensure that we have fantastic results to deliver to our clients. Our team members have worked across a variety of industries and design roles which results in a great level of diversity in Rock Solid Marketing.

What graphic design services do you have?2020-01-10T16:38:48+11:00

There is really no limit to the world of graphic design. We have done designs for huge advertisements, online campaigns, signage, annual reports, promotional materials, business cards, and other marketing collateral.

What’s involved in a logo design? Why should we choose you over someone offering a new logo for $99?2020-01-10T16:42:49+11:00

A logo is a very important part of your business. It’s much more than a font and some colours – it’s the visual symbol that connects a customer to the business. Your logo represents your brand and your core values. We put a great deal of effort into understanding your business and what you hope to achieve with your brand before we start your logo design.

I’ve just started my own business. Can you help me get it off the ground?2020-01-10T16:44:10+11:00

Definitely! We have helped many new businesses get started in the business world. Start-ups are exciting and require a lot of energy and we really love the process of working with our clients to help turn their ideas into reality. We offer great design packages to help businesses kick-off in a cost-effective way. Plus, we are well connected and can often put you in touch with the right accountants, insurance brokers, financial advisers and other helpful contacts.

Why do I need a website?2020-01-10T16:45:36+11:00

Websites are a necessity in today’s online world. Everyone is online in some form or another. Think of what steps you might go through to find a new hairdresser, vet or plumber… do you jump online to do your research? Most likely yes. So why wouldn’t you have your business online, ready to be found by a potential new customer or even to provide a service touch point for an existing customer? The fact is that if you are not online, you are losing business.

What does a new website entail?2020-01-10T16:55:11+11:00

A new website usually requires a fresh new approach to the design, content, images and even some new features like social media, email integration, or even a shopping cart. Our approach to a new website is pretty straight forward. First, we meet with our client to discuss their requirements for the new website and gather important information. We then work collaboratively with the client to develop a website scope, and from there we create a website design mock up and a list of the content required for the site.

Once the client is pleased with the design drafts, we then move into building the website. The client will have the opportunity to view the site before it goes live, and when everyone is happy we launch the website. It’s a pretty easy process and definitely not as scary or daunting as you might imagine.

What is ‘responsive’ web design?2020-01-10T16:57:29+11:00

Responsive design is all about developing your website to display its content effectively no matter what sort of device it’s being viewed on, whether a mobile, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Responsive websites allow for easy content display and readability across all devices so the site looks great in any format. This is absolutely crucial to your website success, as most searches are completed on mobiles or tablet devices rather than on computer desktops.

What is SEO and why does it matter?2020-01-10T17:05:22+11:00

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation: that is, optimising your website for search engines like Google so that it shows up high in the search rankings (preferably on page one). You can have the most interesting and useful content in the world, but if it’s not optimised then Google will never know about it and thus, it won’t rank your website highly. And if your website isn’t showing up on Google searches, then people aren’t going to see it or click onto it.

We don’t want that to happen to you – SEO is not something you should overlook in your marketing strategy! We want to get your website seen so that you can find more customers and generate more business.

Click here to read some articles our team have written on the topic of SEO.

What is digital marketing?2020-01-10T17:14:53+11:00

Digital marketing broadly encompasses marketing in the online space including SEO, paid advertising, content and email marketing, social media marketing, and more. Digital marketing is all about reaching target customers online, creating leads, and converting these leads into customers.

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